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  1. SLAGuy

    Suburban League - American

    This is Revere's non-conference schedule Revere 67, Youngstown Academy for Urban Scholars 25 Revere 69, Woodridge 60 Wooster 71, Revere 63 Revere 69, Bay 52 Elyria 79, Revere 72 Revere 71, Brookside 68 Our Lady of the Elms not available? The SLA is losing almost 2/3rds of their non-league...
  2. SLAGuy

    Suburban League - American

    Tallmadge is OK this year. They play hard and stay competitive. What they don't have is three point shooters. Tallmadge always had one or two great three point shooters except this year. Its a down league that the Devils could have won with just one solid shooter. Revere is going to run away...
  3. SLAGuy

    Suburban League - American

    How is Copley looking? Any players leaving the program due to the change at head coach?
  4. SLAGuy

    How Ohio High School football fans get their news

    You can tell where a fan gets their Ohio HS news by how much they know about the game: Yappi - knows all the starters names and numbers. Most of the backups too. Can tell you who the upcoming stars are that play JV and Freshmen. All the fans that have been ejected or banned from their school's...