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    World Cup 2022

    Same reason it doesn't stop when the clock hits zero in football or rugby, you get as much time as the last play takes after the time limit is reached. Basketball has the score still count while the ball is in the air while Hockey or Lacrosse the score has to happen before time expires.
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    Division 1 Semi Final: Archbishop Moeller (13-1) vs Springfield (12-1)

    Looking at the kids Twitter account he is already committed to play baseball at Mizzou. Which is especially impressive considering he’s never been able to play n high school.
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    GMC Football Pick'em Week 9

    21-0 Colerain over Hamilton. Teams combined for less than 200 yards of offense. I thought Colerain’s offensive line was bad but Hamilton’s was even worse. Cards scored after a muffed punt, Hamilton then fumbled the ensuing kickoff on a failed attempt at a reverse, Cards scored then on a 12 yard...
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    GMC Football Pick'em Week 8

    The best Colerain has looked all year and they still only managed 14 points. 7 which came on a 50yard pass as time expired in the first half. East was without their starting FB who is about 70% of their offense. Siervald went out with a concussion in the first half and starting QB got hurt...
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    GMC Football Pick'EM Week 4

    Mason (2-1) @ Colerain (0-3) - 1 pt Sycamore (0-3) @ Fairfield (3-0) - 1 pt Princeton (3-0) @ Hamilton (2-1) - 1 pt Oak Hills (2-1) @ Lakota West (3-0) - 1 pt Lakota East (0-3) @ Middletown (1-2) - GOTW - 2 pts Milford (3-0) @ Anderson (2-1) - Bonus - 2 pts
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    SWO King of the Spread Pick' em: WEEK 4 GAMES

    ## Favorite ___________________Points ________ Underdog 01 Wayne _____________________ 4.5 _____x_____SPRINGFIELD 02 Fairmont ___________________10.5 _____x____ NORTHMONT 03 COLERAIN ___________x_______4.5 __________Mason 04 Lakota East ________________ 10.5 _____x_____MIDDLETOWN 05 Pickerington...
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    GMC Football Pick'EM Week 3

    Fairfield(2-0) @ Colerain(0-2) - 1 pt Princeton(2-0) @ Lakota East(0-2) - 1 pt Oak Hills(2-0) @ Mason(1-1) - GOTW - 2 pts Hamilton(1-1) @ Middletown(1-1) - 1 pt Lakota West(2-0) @ Sycamore(0-2) - 1 pt LaSalle(2-0) @ Fairmont(2-0) - Bonus - 2 pts
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    SWO King of the Spread Pick' em: WEEK 3 GAMES

    ## Favorite ___________________Points ________ Underdog 01 La Salle ___________________ 13.5 __________FAIRMONT 02 Elder ____________x__________19.5 __________SPRINGBORO 03 Pickerington Central ____x____ 10.5 __________WAYNE 04 CENTERVILLE __________x____ 5.5 __________ Lincoln (Gahanna) 05...
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    GMC Football Pick'EM Week 2

    Mason(0-1) @ Hamilton(1-0) by 10 - 1 pt Lakota West(1-0) by 21 @ Lakota East(0-1) - 1 pt Fairfield(1-0) by 20 @ Middletown(1-0) - 1 pt Colerain(0-1) by 6 @ Princeton(1-0) by 12- GOTW - 2 pts Oak Hills(1-0) by 7 @ Sycamore(0-1) - 1 pt Pickerington Central(1-0) by 10 @ Elder(1-0) - Bonus Game...
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    GMC Football Pick'em Week 1

    Princeton @ Anderson - 1pt Sycamore @ Kings - 1 pt Centerville @ Lakota East - 1 pt St. Xavier @ Lakota West - GOTW - 2 pts Mason @ Gahanna Lincoln - 1 pt Middletown @ Loveland - 1 pt Turpin @ Oak Hills - 1 pt Hamilton @ West Clermont - 1 pt LaSalle @ Colerain - 1 pt
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    La Salle at Colerain (Week 1)

    Both apparently struggled in their scrimmages although Colerain's first scrimmage was cut short after some late hits by West Clermont led to some scuffles. This is the first time I can ever remember where the Colerain will have a weakness at LB. It for years has been the one position that...
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    ## Favorite __________________ Points ______Underdog 01 Moeller ____________x________ 8.5 _______ WASHINGTON (Massillon) 02 St. Xavier __________________ 9.5 ___x____ LAKOTA WEST 03 La Salle ____________________7.5 ____x____COLERAIN 04 Mason _____________________4.5 _____x___LINCOLN (Gahanna) 05...
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    The USFL

    QB play made even worse by bad OL play. The gap between OL and DL talent is already a concern in the NFL but these Spring leagues make it even more evident. DL has become so much more athletic and there are just aren't people that that large to fill the gap.
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    2022 Winter Olympics

    NBC is stuck in bad situation with this. Yes, there coverage could be better but for the most part its the IOC that controls how the games are broadcast. Unfortunately, the broadcasts are set up for and haven't changed since the 90s. Modern Media, technology, and culture have made these...
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    The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power

    Don't know if its a single human lifespan but they are condense the whole second age into a single story, having characters interact that are supposed to be thousands of years apart and just put groups together that never would have met in Tolkien Time. The worst thing I have read about the...
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    GMC 21-22 Basketball

    This is correct, its leveled off a bit for Colerain (it was trending towards DII football levels) but the area is contracting. Lot's have families at the North end of 27 are just going to Harrison and Ross. Currently have open discussions about 5 different options for the new buildings. The...
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    In ideal world for them, they would join the GMC but I think they are 5-10 years from being big enough and I don’t think the GMC will ask anyone to leave especially a founding member like Middletown, no matter how bad some the programs are and if OHSSA now groups them with Dayton. I don’t know...
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    GMC 21-22 Basketball

    Colerain up 32-22 on Lasalle at half. Proceed to lose 71-54. Probably was there best shot a W. Maybe a shot at WW but probably not. Also probably not a shot at a GMC win.
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    GCL vs. GMC playoff games 2021

    Lakota West has had more DI and NFL players than Colerain (who have had 0 players make an NFL 53-man roster) and most teams in Ohio over the past two decades. It's really a testament to how bad of a Football coach Cox was during his tenure that they were largely uncompetitive in R4. I would...