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  1. brian1227

    Senate vote down sick leave for rail workers

    Republican party is so evil and hate america.
  2. brian1227

    Ryan day is johm cooper part 2

    Ohio stste will never win a title with him.a total failure.
  3. brian1227

    GAS PRices Falling

    After the election prices start falling lol.Republicans tried to fix the election and failed.With a awful climate.joe biden with one of best mid terms ever.That a president for you.
  4. brian1227

    Darius garland is awful

    Please trade him.
  5. brian1227

    Michigan will beat ohio state

    Ohio state team is softer than a pile of pancakes.
  6. brian1227

    Supreme court and republicans have destroyed america

    Ant to get rid of Medicare and social security.Now Supreme Court wants to get rid of medicaid .embarrassing.
  7. brian1227

    Why wont trump.let house see his texes?

    Because he is so guilty.all presidents post their tax returns.
  8. brian1227

    So no free speech on this forum

    And you complain about the Democrats.Take my post down 2 times..Republican party and the followers are awful.
  9. brian1227

    Why are republicans such bad drivers.

    Almost wrecked again they think they own the world.
  10. brian1227

    Mentor vs brush

    After 1 mentor 21 8 lmao.
  11. brian1227

    Michigan was the better team

    this year has been a total embarrassment.2 losses it Quinn ewers time in 2022.
  12. brian1227

    Nordonia vs Hudson

    Huge game this week.nordonia1 7 last games for hudson.Nordonia the more experienced team by a mile .The qb play by both teams will determine who wins.
  13. brian1227

    2021-2022 Ohio State Basketball

    N0 Chris Livingston fire the coach.
  14. brian1227

    Ohio state will be fine.

    Don't give up.
  15. brian1227

    Usa basketball won the gold

    Nigeria 90 usa 87 what a embarrassing performance.Nba basketball is awful.
  16. brian1227

    Terry Francona done a great job.

    He is awesome.