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    Surprises, and Disappointments going into week 9.

    Surprises...Jackson Milton at 6-3(weak wins though they pulled out, but a win is a win.), Struthers, coming on strong after losing their next 3 after the Aquinas game they've been playing solid football.. Boardman, quietly staying in the playoff hunt. Disappointments...Warren Harding, what's the...
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    Steubenville Catholic Central home games?

    I was wondering where SCC plays their home games? They host Mathews Saturday night and might take a day trip to Steubenville, and then go watch the game.
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    What games are played this Thursday night?

    Jackson-Milton/Leetonia Brookfield/Ursuline West Branch/Canfield In my area. Who else plays on Thursday throughout the state?
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    August 6 football scrimmage

    As we wait for the season to start, what scrimmage times, and where, do we know that are happening around the state. The two I know are... Mathews @ Mineral Ridge...11:00am Saturday Campbell @ Leetonia...10:00 am Friday
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    East Liverpool opening...

    Any info with the candidates interested for the Potters? I think this position would be ideal for former Wellsville Head Coach Dave Skinner. From nearby, so he would knows the type of kids that come out in EL... Just my opinion.
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    Cuyahoga Heights should play Vienna Mathews week 6...

    I noticed that both schools need a game week 6. Both records at this point is 2-1, and belong in D-7, Region 25. Travel would be within an hour. So it looks like a "No Brainer." Coach Bill Bohren needs this game to happen at Mathews to have a chance to reach the milestone of 300 victories this...
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    Demographic changes that have affected high school football since the playoff system started.

    In the area I live, the Positive has been in the suburbs of Canfield, Poland, and South Range. The negatives has to be Campbell, Mooney, and possibly Struthers. The rest of the programs have been consistent winning or losing depending the different grades coming up. I don't see any reason why...
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    Lowellville @ Springfield Local...Week 4

    Two of the better QB'S in the area(Beau Brungard & Vinny Ballone) if not from the state, will be battling out this coming Friday night. I believe that over 85 points will be scored between both teams. I feel that Brungard will be asked to do too much, so I predict Lowellvile in a upset. The Wide...
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    Can you buy tickets at the High School Stadiums?

    I don't know what to believe? Can you buy tickets at the stadium? I have been hearing that tickets for games must be purchased at the High Schools. I would hate to go to a game and find out that there's no tickets for sale. Plus, it doesn't make any sense.
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    First 5 games eligibility? But non scheduled game in first 5 games? Confused?!?

    I am hearing from both sides. What if a school has an opening within their first 5 games? Can the open enrollee play his 5th game in week 6? Or is he stuck playing 4 games in the first 5 weeks, and then done for the season? Cannot get a clear answer...
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    Is High School football for the kids, or is it for the adults?

    Remember when you were in high school and for the "ones" who played, football was meant to be fun. From recess to Pop Warner, the game was played with fun. Granted, coaches who were tough was excepted, but was it necessary? Majority of the kids playing the game played it for the enjoyment...
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    Scrimmage schedule of schools..."Who, and When."

    Now that the Season Schedules are out, it would be nice to know who schools are scrimmaging and when. If you think about it? How many times did you hear that "so & so" scrimmaged a team, and you wished you knew because you could have gone? If anybody has any "info" let us know...