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    SWO Regionals

    Thx for the updates
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    SouthWest Ohio Tourney Talk

    Coaches obviously have to work with what they have but, possesion style of soccer that builds out of the back and integrates the midfield shows an attempt to master their craft. Otherwise its a track meet with a ball tossed in. Again, a HS coach can only do so much with the few months they...
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    Milford Soccer

    Saturday's games through first playoff game are for bragging rights only. Seeding was already in before game. Do you throw everything you've got against a potential late playoff opponent? Maybe I give these coaches too much credit... 😁
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    Top 100 clubs in the USA

    I don't always see bitter ramblings about "poaching" players from a system that lets players pick their club but when I do, I am sure to see vedderhead chiming in!
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    Week 4

    Weather a factor? Yesterday was a mess for many. Heavy rain and 1/2 games for some.
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    Regional Finals...

    Keep the updates coming.
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    Playoff Info so far

    This is good analysis. I don't understand the first round or two of HS soccer playoffs. I think half the teams don't even want to be there.
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    Week 10..

    Miamisburg 4 Springboro 1
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    Week 9

    Burg coach should be ashamed of himself for tonight's score. Spare me the excuses too. Majority of teams could have done the same this season. This is a perfect example of why leaderboards don't tell the whole story. Really pathetic.
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    Week 9

    Centerville 0 Springboro 0
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    Results with 2 weeks left

    Gonna try and change the subject a bit... Can someone explain why Beavercreek is so highly ranked in polls? I looked at their strength of schedule and don't get it. Is this a name recognition thing?
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    Week 8

    Springboro 4 Bellbrook 1
  13. J

    Week 7...

    Springboro 1 Sycamore 0
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    Top Performers halfway through

    I know these lists are going to stir people up but if you are at the top of the leaderboard because you score 5 goals against a one win team... not interested. How do they perform against the top of the division?
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    Week 5..

    Springboro 2 Oakwood 1
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    Week 5..

    Springboro 3 Fairmont 0
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    Soccer Wire Top 100 Girls Clubs

    Very well said. If you pay close enough attention, you will notice that players tend to develop in one club and finish in another. I think that probably has some to do with the league/competition when looking to be recruited. Also, CUP had a very good year. A number of high profile...
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    Week 4

    Springboro 1 Beaver creek 0
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    Week 3..

    Springboro 2 Alter 1
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    Week 1 is here!

    Springboro 8 Sidney 0