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  1. MasonComet

    MLB blackouts: not exactly forward-thinking, IMO

    Advertising your product seems like a good idea, right? But owners/teams don’t seem to be concerned about drawing in more fans outside of their respective cities for the long-term, but chasing short-term dollars. Does MLB need to try to step in for the future good of the sport? I don’t know...
  2. MasonComet

    California Governor Gavin Newsom recall

    Looks like it's going about as you would imagine:
  3. MasonComet

    Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer: Companies you can trust!

    First of all, I wish everyone the best who may have used these companies’ products. Unfortunately, their questionable business practices tend to not make news broadcasts as much as they should, especially as millions of people weigh their health options and face mounting pressure. That being...
  4. MasonComet

    Astros: New York writer confirms Jose Altuve didn’t cheat

    Love Altuve. He was never treated fairly throughout any of the "scandal". Knee-jerk reactions, false accusations, and conspiracy theories about "buzzers" have littered the internet for a couple of...
  5. MasonComet

    AOC gets help from Matt Walsh

    Expertly done! Charity > government assistance.