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    Clinton-Massie vs. Fenwick

    Auto correct got me again
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    Clinton-Massie vs. Fenwick

    Massive plays Edgewood Friday night
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    Max preps top 25 small town teams

    2 Ohio teams made the top 25, Marion Local at 13 and Clinton-Massie at 15. Schools had to have fewer than 1000 students and be in a town of less than 10,000.
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    Division IV State Championship: Clarksville Clinton-Massie (13-1) vs. Youngstown Ursuline (11-3)

    Campus nation (utube) is supposed to be carrying audio live. Posts video in a few days. Something to do with OHSAA rules
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    Open Weeks 2021

    Just heard from reliable source that Clinton Massie's game isn't "officially" cancelled, though the team twitter account says they are looking for an opponent for Fri.
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    first time for everything I guess

    Unfortunately WB's actions in this game are going to follow them for a long time. It's a week later and we are still talking about this.