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    Boys Basketball Divisions are out

    Why would Richmond Heights even want to compete in the D4 tournament? What a joke.
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    competitive balance

    Richmond Heights is actually a shrinking outer ring suburb of Cleveland. It use to be a nice community, not so much anymore. The enrollment numbers are down there, however they hired All Ohio Red's HC (Quentin Rogers) to be their coach a few years ago. With his NE Ohio AAU connections, he can...
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    Richmond Heights overpowering

    They beat D1 St. Eds (state semi-finalist) and Cleveland Hts (regional finalist) this year. There 4 losses were against very good D1 teams (Green, Brush, Fairfield) and D2 State Champ SVSM. If you are scheduling the top D1 and D2 schools for exposure for almost the entire non-conference...
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    State attendance yesterday

    I agree. I also think that if a school wants to schedule multiple D1 non-conference games during the regular season, they probably should not be playing in D3/D4 for the post season. Most of the teams that are doing this are using it as "exposure" for all the D1 college prospect transfers that...
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    State attendance yesterday

    Final Scores from this year's Finals... 48-45 63-35 50-29 55-48 One team got to 60 and that was in a lopsided blowout. 5 teams failed to score 50. That is not fun to watch for a neutral bystander. I had went to state basketball in Columbus for 25 or so straight year with my dad before...
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    OHSAA Basketball State Tournament Tickets Go on Sale Feb. 7

    Thinking about going to Dayton to watch a few games this year. We will probably spend more time at local bars watching the NCAAs. With that said, does anyone have recommendations for hotels to stay at near the arena? Local bars to watch games? I have never been to UD. Anything within...
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    Maumee Bay Classic January 14-15, 2022

    I meant the wording when purchasing it. It said “Yearly” at the top in small lettering, below it in large lettering “$12.50/mo,” and at the bottom in small lettering again $150 a year.” Not trying to upset anyone. That’s why I asked originally if it was billed by the month or for the year.
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    Maumee Bay Classic January 14-15, 2022

    Thanks. I understand why they do it, but that's a scam.
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    Maumee Bay Classic January 14-15, 2022

    Anyone know if I will be charged $12.50 for the month if I sign up or $150 for the year? I was attempting to subscribe, but before entering payment information it says "Yearly" $12.50/mo, $150 paid yearly. I don't want it for the year, just for the month to watch this event.
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    Marion Harding tournament

    I’ve heard there is now 40 teams at this event. Monroeville being a new addition.
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    West G opening

    Matt Rosatti it is. I guess the rumor I shared a few weeks ago wasn’t so far fetched. I don’t think he wanted to be done coaching when he “left” Perry.
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    West G opening

    Rumor has it, a former West G and Perry HC wants it...
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    Stow- Munroe Falls Head Coach Position

    I always thought Alexander wasn't a teacher and in medical sales? Maybe I am wrong?
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    D7 R25

    What small school conference near Huron County would be a good fit for SP? Same offenses? South Central throws the ball all over the place. Monroeville, WR, and Crestview want to run it, but will also throw it from time to time. Finally, Plymouth and Mapleton are unique wing offenses. Looks...
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    Division IV Region 13

    How many kids for VASJ will be sitting after Week 5 due to the OHSAA transfer rules? Or has that changed?