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    Young Teams- Alter and others

    Curious what programs are exceptionally young in 2022. Was speaking to a friend who mentioned that Alter (Kettering ) will be very young. I believe they may only have 8 Seniors on the roster with a few of them not having much experience. Could be a long year for the knights but also may be good...
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    Kettering Archbishop Alter

    Is Alter Ok, Set football aside. Seems like the school is shrinking. Have heard rumors that numbers are dropping...
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    Kettering Alter vs CJ

    As it appears this will be must win game for Kettering Alter as it was a few years ago. I have not seen CJ play this year but it appears both teams are beating teams they should and struggling with better teams. I was able to attend a few Alter games this year and they do appear to improving...
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    Kettering Alter vs McNick

    Thoughts on this one? I know that historically Alter owns this one, however this could be different this year, i believe Alter enters at 2-3 and Mcnick comes in at 5-0 Actually get to go to this one and hope to see a good game.
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    Kettering Alter Playoffs?

    Is this the year the Knights do not make the playoffs? I believe I read it has been 20 straight years. Siting at 1-3 this may be the year they do not get it. It appears they have played 2 D1 schools and a D2 power house in Hoban. Does this help their cause?
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    Hoban vs Kettering Alter

    Any Thoughts on this game? I was able to watch some highlights of the Alter vs. Miamisburg game and it appears that Alters Freshman QB came in and might of earned a starting spot. How good is Hoban? I see they are 2-1 are they as loaded as years past?
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    Kettering Alter vs.Miamisburg

    Sounds as if the Knights were able to find a game after their week 3 opponent ( Belmont ) had to cancel. Have these two teams played in the past? I would have to believe that Miamisburg would be the favorite in this one.
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    Week 3 Teams looking for games?

    As HS football enters it's 3rd week. How many teams are looking for games? Its hard to imagine being a player and knowing you have bye week from a cancellation.
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    Alter vs Fairmont

    Anyone have any thoughts on this one? Should be a great game. With "Covid" winning the battle of Kettering last year I would think this one will be a great game with a lot of pent up energy!