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    Katie Clute - Quack, Quack, Quack - Commits to the Ducks of Oregon

    She’s going to thrive in TrackTown. Watch for UO to dominate the NCAA in middle and long distance under Jerry Schumacher and Shalane Flanagan. I believe this coaching duo will usher in the greatest era of distance running in the storied history of Oregon. Katie will be an integral part of that.
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    Is there a list of fastest XC times ever recorded for OH runners?

    Clute just ran a 17:10 today at Strongsville. Looks like her third time on the All-Time list...17:02, 17:10, and 17:14...
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    Strongsville Invite...Fast races from Clute, Peer, and Isham

    At today's Strongsville Invitational, three of Ohio's top D1 runners locked horns and raced to very fast times. Katie Clute is our returning State 3200 Champ, Sarah Peer was runner-up to Morgan Monesmith in the 1600 at State last June after finishing 3rd in the State CC Meet last fall, and Julia...
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    CLUTE RUNS 17:02

    Since you mentioned this, I checked it out. Team looks like a complete turnover from last year, other than Clute. Very young and inexperienced. Clute, as a senior is probably a great leader and role model for this young team. I would think their coach is excited about a sixth after losing almost...
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    Is there a list of fastest XC times ever recorded for OH runners?

    I didn’t realize my comment on Clute would be prophetic so soon! She ran a 17:02 yesterday, beating last year’s 8th place finisher at D1 State XC by over a minute. Wow!
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    Is there a list of fastest XC times ever recorded for OH runners?

    Lois Brommer, at 16:43, was from Mechanicsburg, PA, not Ohio…
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    Is there a list of fastest XC times ever recorded for OH runners?

    Wow. Good stuff. Katie Clute and Westlake’s Sarah Peer could threaten the 17:00 barrier this year. They have had a very nice rivalry going for the past two years. Last year in track, Clute established herself on the national level, earning HS All-American indoors (2 mile) and outdoors (mile)...
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    Is there a list of fastest XC times ever recorded for OH runners?

    I realize all courses are different. Some may actually be inaccurate. And that isn’t always bad as XC meets are not track meets after all. It is a totally different sport. Additionally, XC is a sport where time is not as high on a runners priority list as in track. Beating runners and getting...
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    Historic Mile regarding Ohio Girls at NB Nats

    Wow! Thank you. Outstanding.
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    Elizabeth Whaley 4:49.11(now 4:39.71 All-Time State & Cincy record @ Regional)

    Thank You, JAVMAN83. I knew it had to be close to the best. Morgan and Infeld were fun to watch. All-Time Ohio greats!
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    Historic Mile regarding Ohio Girls at NB Nats

    JAVMAN83 reports that there has only been one race with a faster dual finish from two Ohio girls. 2008 Penn Relays. Same track as today's burner. Franklin Field. Stephanie Morgan outran Emily Infeld 4:41.22 to 4:43.31 for a 1-2 finish. those times convert to 4:39.59 and 4:41.67 for 1600...
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    Historic Mile regarding Ohio Girls at NB Nats

    Elizabeth Whaley (Ohio's best miler) and Katie Clute (Ohio's best 2-miler) , raced together in the mile run against the nation's best at Franklin Field in Philadelphia today at the New Balance HS Nationals. The results were historic from an Ohio perspective. Whaley led much of the way before...
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    Amazing quadruple by Katie Clute

    Olmsted Falls junior, Katie Clute posted a super quadruple at her conference meet at Amherst Steele HS. She anchored her 4x8 to a win, running a 2:15.3 split. She then broke a 29 year old meet record in the 1600, running 4:51.99. She came back to win the 800 in 2:16.03. Then ran a meet record...
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    Ohio schoolboys who have gone on to break 4 minutes for one mile

    I agree about Penn State and distance. Their cross country and track distance results aren’t generally that good on a national level. Their middle distance runners tend to have some National success though. Ohio native, Brannon Kidder had an outstanding career there. Coach John Gondak does a...
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    Micaela DEGENERO (Granville HS - Colorado) NCAA mile CHAMPION

    Incredible. Ohio sure turns ‘em out!
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    Clute runs fast at NB Indoor Nationals

    That’s a list of Ohio’s running royalty!
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    Clute runs fast at NB Indoor Nationals

    You sure provide a wealth of information on the stats front, JAVMAN83! Thank you! Question…In the previous thread regarding Katie’s first 10:19, you provided an attachment that listed all sub-10:20’s in Ohio indoor history. There were two by Taylor Ewert and one each by Kristy Orre, Annie...
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    Clute runs fast at NB Indoor Nationals

    Katie Clute (Olmsted Falls) peaked my interest at the beginning of the indoor season when she ran 10:19 for 3200 at Spire. Then a few weeks later she ran 10:19 again (at Spire again) to win the State indoor Championship. Yesterday, she ran Two Miles in 10:17.14, which converts to 10:13.56 for...
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    Katie Clute just ran 10:19 with a 5:03 last 1600…Are there a list of Ohio HS indoor records?

    Thanks so much, tmk and JAVMAN83…the info you both provided was exactly what I was looking for. It looked like she was jogging thru the first mile in 5:15. Then when she picked it up, the 5:03 second mile was run all alone and unpressed. I don’t know what her plans are for the rest of indoor...