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    Ohio's Highest HS Football Winning Percentages All-Time

    Since this came up a few years ago, I've continued to track the records of Ohio high schools with the highest all-time football winning percentage; I believe that these records are current through this past weekend's games: Wyoming is now Ohio's all-time highest winning percentage team, if...
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    Westwood DORA Proposal

    I know that your thread moderator, EHS2001, mentioned the Westwood DORA (designated outdoor refreshment area-- essentially a legal "open-container" area) proposal in the "True West Sider" thread, but since no one commented there, I thought I'd post a separate thread-- I'm curious what Elder folk...
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    Only A Small Number

    The OHSAA has been in existence since 1907 (and held its first OHSAA-sponsored state championship event-- in track-- the next year, 1908). Only a small number of schools have ever won an OHSAA football championship (probably less than 100, considering there have only been ~245 championships...
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    2022 Football Schedule Opponents

    I don't know if the X football series with Colerain has been put to bed permanently (if not, I suspect it soon will be-- and probably should be, considering the decline that Colerain's program is experiencing). It's not really feasible that X will be able to schedule two GMC opponents in the...
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    A Cliff Bar Boosts Penn State

    Nice story (centered on Pat Forde's interview with Steve Specht and Sean Clifford's parents) on Cliff's re-emergence (now with 9 straight wins) as the starting QB and team leader of undefeated, #4 ranked Penn State...
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    On to Trinity, to (sort of) quote a famous pro football coach... Trinity has not been good this year-- looking nothing like the team that had dominated KY big-school division HS football for more than a decade... not sure whether that should be attributed to Trinity's former coach now plying...
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    X v. Elder

    Don't know where Pope Frank has been lately-- but it's Elder week, at 600 West North Bend Road, and there probably should be a thread here, on the main board for that momentous occasion-- the Elder troops are plenty active on their own school forum, as are X fans on theirs-- but there ought to...
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    Elder has problems this year; their offensive line is small and struggling. Their defense has multiple issues. I thought, a few weeks ago, that this would be one of the few remaining regular season games this season without a running clock (because Elder almost always finds a way to be...
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    So, how's this gonna go? Moeller is stepping up to Division I competition, for the second time this year, in Game 5 of a ten-game schedule...seems pretty ambitious.
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    Mishawaka Penn

    Looks like Mishiwaka Penn is still in the Eastern time zone-- and thus the start time for the X game there this Friday will still be 7 PM ET... It also seems to show (on the X website) that X will be streaming a "cast" of this game via ESPX... the return of "Owen"?
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    How Does Olentangy Liberty's 2021 Team Compare With the 2020 Playoff Team

    Any Columbus area fans on here, who are familiar with Olentangy Liberty's squad this year, able to compare this year's OL football team with last year's? Curious to know what OL does well. Any commentary (from PC, DC, UA, HD, OO fans, etc.) would be welcome. OL made it a few rounds into the...
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    We'll get a "double read" on the season in the next game-- as Colerain played (and lost) a close one with LaSalle last week. It does not look like this Colerain team is at the level that some recent past Colerain teams were.
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    Massillon Scrimmage

    I thought X looked dominant versus Massillon today, despite the 3-3 final score (after barely an hour of scrimmaging); there were several things that made the score appear closer than the underlying contest really was: 1) Several times, after Massillon was stopped on downs, play re-started with...
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    Paid High School Players Are Coming— Who’ll Buy?

    I posted a thread (on the main Yappi football forum) that I expect the same restrictions on scholastic amateurism in sports (that the US Supreme Court recently struck down for colleges, ruling vehemently against the NCAA) to soon ALSO be struck down for high school athletics— in other words, the...
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    When the OHSAA = the NCAA

    So Yappi posted (in another thread) a summary of new Ohio state legislation— including the bill that allows Ohio ”collegiate” players to be paid for their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL)— but specifically prohibits high school players from reaping the same benefit— although the legislative...