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    Columbus bidding on state finals

    It’s not like OHSSA is real popular at the statehouse anyway.
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    State Finals

    You have schools that can’t or won’t pay for three and now you want them to use four? Many coaches don’t bother doing ratings because they feel it makes no difference. Several of my ref friends don’t like the ratings calling them a popularity contest because coaches don’t understand the refs...
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    Centerville’s Drew Gaydosh 1st Team All State

    Can someone post the teams or at least a link?
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    Youngest guy on the staff so I had to go exchange tapes every Monday. Coach gave me the tape said take this to National Trail. I said ok where is that? Coach says I don’t know just go to Indiana and it’s somewhere around there. My wife of three months and I spent and evening cruising around...
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    Columbus Grove-Col Crawford Critical Call

    Expect perfect refs the day your kids play a perfect game and you call a perfect game. Grow up.
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    2 Springfield vs 7 fairmont rematch

    I know Moe has that reputation as being a recruiter but he and his staff out coached Fairmont tonight. Firebirds had only one significant drive all night and that was the first one off the kickoff. Moe had the Cats locked in and the fact is the Cats dominated. If they eliminated the turnovers...
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    2 Springfield vs 7 fairmont rematch

    Just got an unsportsmanlike for Fairmont.
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    2 Springfield vs 7 fairmont rematch

    All this talk about Cats penalties. Fairmont has really hurt themselves. Just got an unnecessary roughness foul out of frustration. Had several offside calls that put Cats in first and five.
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    Friday Updates (11/04/22)

    Fairmont has first and goal from the nine. Cats stop them. Get the ball on the 8.
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    Friday Updates (11/04/22)

    Springfield Wildcats. 21 Fairmont. 0 Cats take advantage of another short field from bad punt. Get stupid unsportsmanlike penalty after td.
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    Friday Updates (11/04/22)

    Springfield Wildcats. 14 Fairmont. 0 Cats get kickoff have good return and score two plays later. Fifty three seconds gone in second half. Kicking game has hurt Fairmont all night.
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    Friday Updates (11/04/22)

    Springfield Wildcats 7 Fairmont. 0 24 seconds left in first half. Previous play Schdolmeyer fumble Fairmont thinks they recover but it stays with Cats. Fairmont had pass go thru recievers hand. Looked like sure td. Cats don’t look good. Three fumbles and a interception but...
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    SWO Regionals

    Happens all the time in bball where multiple games are played in one night at one location.
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    SouthWest Ohio Tourney Talk

    I love the beautiful game. I have followed a coach that knows how to teach that style. Not all of his teams have played that way though. Because the players did not have the skill level necessary to play that style. He didn’t like it but felt he had a responsibility to his players and the...
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    MVL needs to give it up

    They started the league because they didn’t want to play Trotwood. Why would they want to play the Rams now? Bottom line is Fairborn,Stebbins,Greenville haven’t been very good in a long time. Stebbins was the largest school in the old Three Rivers Conference and they couldn’t beat...
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    MVL needs to give it up

    What makes you think that the GWOC wants Troy and Piqua back ?
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    Upset specials in Rd 1?

    Xenia lost their rb in the second quarter. Lot of penalties when that hasn’t been a problem all year. No excuses they got beat,had adversity and couldn’t overcome that.
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    Yellow card tossed at goalie for taking too long to kick..anyone ever seen that called?

    Boys game this year,one goal difference field player to take goal kick. He sets ball down and then turns around and boots the ball over the goal line and has gk retrieve the other ball and set it up for goal kick. All this in the last minute. Two man ref crew and they were moving to position for...
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    Ohio Heritage Conference 2022

    Central wins 36-0. Strange game,St.B-E had about 20 people including bus drivers and cheer leaders but they had over a hundred tickets sold but not used. They also had 3 bad snaps,two punts,player ejected,fans ejected and unsportsmanlike on the head coach. Irish also had an int and a couple of...