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  1. EagleGuy

    Have You Ever Experienced A Fly In?

    If so, tell us about it.
  2. EagleGuy

    Are You Tripping This Weekend?

    If you're flyin', I hope you are lyin'. ? Seriously, if you are airborne wishing you no worries. All have a safe and Fun Fourth weekend! Eats?
  3. EagleGuy

    Trump's Big Ripoff: Can It Be A Ripoff...

    if donors to his "legal defense fund" knew - or, didn't care - that Trump was going to pocket the money to the tune of $250mil? ? C'mon now, we all know Sussman's (wink-wink) email to Baker was a bs "telegraph" Baker was expecting, so Sussman couldn't have been lying. [Is it a lie if the...
  4. EagleGuy

    Happy Father's Day

    ^^^ There! I said it.
  5. EagleGuy

    MoJo Joe Biden

    getting it done! Second shipment of baby formula arrives. Proactive President!! :banana:
  6. EagleGuy


    I like to take one after work Saturday around 1:00 - if there is not an important game on then - but, they ruin me that night.
  7. EagleGuy

    Push Mower Starts But Stalls Within Few Seconds

    It will be easier to tell what I haven't done than what I have done. I haven't replaced the governor springs and the exhaust o-ring seal (my descriptions). Any ideas?
  8. EagleGuy

    40th Anniversary of Miracle on Ice

    Never gets old.
  9. EagleGuy

    Caitlan Clark and Logo Threes

    Just Wow!
  10. EagleGuy

    What Are You Having for Super Bowl Eats?

    And, what is the bestest chip dip? For us, it will be crab legs and potato chips w/ranch.
  11. EagleGuy

    Favorite Night Snack

    What is your favorite night snack? Is it on this healthy list? I'm a fan of the PB&J sandwich (on wheat bread). Raspberry (or strawberry) preserves. Grape will do, too.
  12. EagleGuy

    Tec Nuze

    I've never had a Blackberry, but users love them - in part because of the physical keyboard. Starting Jan. 4, phones running BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry 7.1 software or earlier will "no longer reliably function" on carrier networks or over Wi-Fi, the company said in a support FAQ. This means...
  13. EagleGuy

    How's Yer Weather?

    The weather guy just said we* would have temps 10-15 degrees below normal the two weeks between JAN 5 and JAN 19. I can only imagine that may portend the same for you'uns. ?‍♂️ Last several days have been nice, but that appears to be coming to an end. How's yer weather? ⛷️ *I live in North...
  14. EagleGuy

    What Is the Most Good Cookie?

    What is the bestest cookie? And, what is your favorite Christmas cookie? One and the same? ?
  15. EagleGuy

    Big Ten/ACC Challenge

    Watching Iowa and Virginia. Garza-less owa has two sets of twins on the team, one set being that of the coach. Notre Dame vs. Illinois later. Like the Hawkeyes. Irish always play tough.
  16. EagleGuy

    Will You Be On The Road

    Will you be on the road for Thanksgiving? If so, where and when? More importantly, if your significant other (pc) will be driving, please forewarn us! :) Drive safe and alert. ?
  17. EagleGuy

    Least Favorite Holiday Side Dish

    This was on the morning news today and, no, I do not read Better Homes and Gardens! Now that we have that out of the way, what is your least favorite holiday side? https://www.bhg./recipes/trends/least-favorite-thanksgiving-sides-instacart/
  18. EagleGuy

    Favorite Kind of Pie

    With the holidays fast approaching (yes, again), pies will be a favorite dessert at the dinner table. My favorite kind of pie is dutch apple, but I have got to have pumpkin during the holidays. What is your favorite kind of pie? ? Happy Holidays! ...
  19. EagleGuy

    What Is Your Favorite Pie?

    With the holidays fast approaching (yes, again), pies will be a favorite dessert at dinner tables. While my favorite is dutch apple, I have got to have pumpkin pie during the holidays. What is your favorite pie?
  20. EagleGuy

    Bestest Donuts You've Ever Had!

    Our office gets glazed donuts on Friday for being such hard workers. Krispy Kreme, the hometown favorite, to be exact. Of course, I don't eat any. :) What is the bestest donut/doughnut you have ever had? How does this one sound? At Christmas time, if you can get your hands on one, pair one of...