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    Biden Stimulus bill funds terrorism

    That's what I was going to say. My understanding is that an attempt was made to prohibit prisoners from receiving their checks, but a federal judge stopped the IRS last year from doing that. Nothing to get worked up over just for Tsarnaev, IMO.
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    Bad look for Cuomo

    Luv Guv 2 - coming soon to a screen near you.
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    South Carolina Firing Squad

    Ouch! Gotta admit, I saluted this one.
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    Popular flea collar linked to almost 1,700 pet deaths

    We've used the Seresto collar a few times on our Min-Pin. He doesn't care for it, I think it irritates his skin somewhat. The irony is that it's not nearly effective as controlling fleas as a monthly Frontline application, at least on him.
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    Baltimore student passes 3 classes in 4 years!!

    Regarding truancy in Baltimore city schools, this link says over 53% of their high school students was considered truant as of four years ago. According to their page on their truancy policy, it's defined as missing 20 or more days during the school year. By comparison, Columbus city schools...
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    South Carolina Firing Squad

    Gary Gilmore's execution had no snafus that I recall. And it was very, very quick.
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    Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall forced to put white actor in ‘Coming to America’

    Who cried "victim" on this thread? Name names - if you can. I seriously doubt any movie goers were concerned about making sure they had a white "celebrity" in CTA. And, the late timing of this "revelation" is certainly Kavanaugh-worthy. But if true, does anyone really believe it added one...
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    Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall forced to put white actor in ‘Coming to America’

    Was a horse’s head involved?
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    15 people out of 27 in SUV crash in California killed....

    That is horrific to think of. Naturally, the last person in the world we want to blame is the driver who pulled directly into the path of the semi, especially if the semi had the right of way.
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    Amazon app logo a signal for Neo-Nazis?

    Office supply company Uline considering a change in their tape dispensers to avoid comparisons to Hitler's mustache:
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    Dr. Seuss being canceled...

    I'd never heard about his work prior to the children's books. Kinda shocking, but unsurprising for the times. What's very interesting is that he wrote "Horton Hears A Who" as an apology to the Japanese people. After the war he recognized what he'd done and worked toward changing his...
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    Time: No President as focused on Alzheimer’s as Biden is

    "Shirley" Jackson Lee paused her discussion on how heavy AR-15 is to thank Joe for the acknowledgment.
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    Ivy League reinstates segregation

    They have since added a sentence at the end that says "this course open to all Cornell students". But "wow" is right.
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    Should Minors be Allowed to Decided if They Want Their Genitals Wacked?

    They're all Jewish? That's a new wrinkle.
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    Anti-maskers supporting Ohio Rep Jennifer Grossman attacking Holtmans Donuts

    Thanks, never heard of it before.. No, we don't drive over to hillbilly land too often.