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    In your face but your too stupid to see it...... lol

    “your too stupid” I never get tired of seeing that. At least he spelled “too” correctly.
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    VOA or Cedarville?

    Seems like I’ve been reading this same thread for 20 years.
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    SW D2 District

    Calm down. There were a lot of runners and teams that did not show up for the meet. There were 11 teams assigned to both races.
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    Timing Question

    ... or, like in the 2004 girls D2 state championship when the wrong chips were given to an entire team by meet management?
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    D2 R8: No. 6 Anderson (7-2) at No. 2 La Salle (6-2)

    Are those the same d backs that Elder shredded?
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    ST X or Lakota West?

    Captain Obvious, is that you?
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    Is Lakota West a state contender?

    How many scorers will be between St. X number 1 and West’s number1?
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    Are you a true West Sider??

    It was more than a rumor. Residents behind the property were contacted by Mennards.
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    Covid Cancellations

    Define "aggressive mask wearers". Aggressive people that wear masks? Ordinary people that wear their masks aggressively?
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    Covid Cancellations

    Just reading that killed a couple of brain cells. How in the heck could you possibly know that?
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    Covid Cancellations

    How can there be ANY semblance of normalcy? The only way to slow the virus is to avoid normalcy. Returning to normalcy is the problem right now.
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    Is Lakota West a state contender?

    I’m not talking about why it declined. Only that it probably isn’t missed.
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    West Clermont HC hospitalized with pneumonia, COVID-19 symptoms

    He was in quarantine because his daughter has Covid, started to cough earlier in the week but still wouldn’t get tested. Come on , man.
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    Is Lakota West a state contender?

    Since LaSalle learned how to build a football team I doubt anyone there even thinks about cross country.
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    Are you a true West Sider??

    Urgent care