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    Kettering Fairmont D-1 District Predictions

    Question about the three forfeits in the final round... Were all three unable to wrestle, or since they were automatic qualifiers did they decide that taking the lower seed was what they wanted to do? I'm wondering if they were able to wrestle and just decided not to, how they're feeling about...
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    The future of Colerain Football

    I was happy to be able to cover the annual "back yard brawl" at Cardinal Stadium thanks to the help of a great crew. 6pSGGCyW7aI pVCO4wR7Mcs
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    1 more week playoff, one less week reg season? Why not.

    Before the chorus of nay-sayers jump in, please consider the following, The OHSAA has often stated that football is the only sport in which all teams who want to be part of a tournament cannot compete. This was one of the reasons one of the OHSAA commissioners told me they wanted to add the...
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    Home Run, or not a home run?

    I still don't think it would have made a difference in the outcome of the game, but it sure would have changed what happened the rest of the game. Is this a home run? UxJP3hv3LAU
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    Old Rules Video (2001/02)

    I ran across an old wrestling rules video I made back in 2001 for the 01/02 season and thought I would share here. Some of the rules have changed and the description of the near-fall was oversimplified for the casual viewer, but it is still mostly relevant. Enjoy -tIoC4q8UpA
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    OHSAA Time Out Rules (Hockey)?

    i wonder if anyone can help here. What are the number of time outs a team can take during a regular OHSAA sanctioned ice hockey game? Is is so many per period or game? I tried googling it, but the answer is not easily found. Thanks in advance.
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    The Future of Northwest and Harrison Football

    This week Waycross covered the Harrison @ Pleasant Run 7th & 8th grade games. A little rough around the edges, but some good talent. 8zCRukIwXEI 2Vf62Q72mJE
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    The future of Mt. Healthy & Winton Woods Football

    Waycross covered the 7th and 8th grade Mt. Healthy vs Winton Woods games today. Here are some highlights otWje5jv6Ls Ova9iU4aKTY And a notable catch by a 7th Grade Mt. Healthy Owl. 4lkxtNuKz2Q
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    Ross @ Northwest Highlights

    The entire game is on right now on Time Warner 979 (digital) and Cinti Bell FiOptics 850 and repeats tonight at 9pm Here are the highlights 5p_ymYJt5eU
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    SW District Finals (Better late than never)

    Here is the SW District championship finals program from Fairmont HS on 2/22. D_jRpFAla2o To answer the question I have been asked a few thousand times: The video was not published until Saturday at 6pm at the request of SWOWCA.
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    Mt. Healthy @ Northwest Highlights

    Here are the highlights: qoeY6QyIt_4 The entire game, including halftime shows will be on youtube in a few hours. The game will also be on TWC and FiOptics throughout the week.
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    Blast from the Past - Rockey v Wineberg

    Hi all! In the next few weeks we are showing the 1994 State Championships (the first year Waycross covered the event) "wire to wire". I thought I'd share this match with everyone. q4EK53a4k_w
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    The future of Loveland and Winton Woods Football

    Today Loveland and Winton Woods MIDDLE schools met! Here are some highlights. The full games will be available on youtube soon. The 7th grade game was a wild one! The 8th grade game was pretty lopsided. Both fun games to watch 1kR8mY6vB10 skhaTu5rg2k The high schools meet next week.
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    Northwest @ Wilmington game video L49C_jt1SzU
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    Game Video Week 2 (X v Colerain) NPNIGZI5M7A