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    if a game had to be stopped due to a broken backboard, what happens?

    finish it the next week? go to the practice gym? forfeit? end game at that point? this is a new one
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    Dunbar gets no disciplinary action? Where is the respect the game mantra on this one

    out of curiosity, why does the official escape scrutiny for this exact reason? I'm not going to condone what the kid did, but the ref made contact with his back prior to the incident. the patently terrible reaction shouldn't justify an inappropriate action.
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    Dunbar gets no disciplinary action? Where is the respect the game mantra on this one

    1: that weird forfeit attempt wasn't Dunbar's idea. that came from the district AD and everybody involved isn't there anymore. (never forget that Dayton Public fired the hall of fame basketball coach for something that happened during a football game.)
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    2019 ECC predictions

    Nah. they're getting Walnut and they're going to steal a weird one this year
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    Dunbar gets no disciplinary action? Where is the respect the game mantra on this one

    the game you get kicked out is the first game of the suspension
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    2019 ECC predictions

    for what it's worth: Daniel Ingram can BALL and will keep Withrow interesting if they can protect him until the conference schedule (sees who they play next) (it's Princeton) nevermind.
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    2019 ECC predictions

    Woodward was a LOT better than their record. with maybe 25 kids, they gave CJ a game (pre storm, let's not discuss the next day), and almost beat Madeira, Dunbar and Aiken. why you let Kali leave a compelling situation to perform triage at Withrow is another mystifying decision from CPS
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    Best All-time Cincinnati Area Running Backs

    Bainum, Montgomery, and Scanlon were wing-T quarterbacks. where are Spencer Ware, Enye Willingham, and BJ Flowers (the single most impossible to tackle person I've ever encountered)
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    Goofy Stat Of The Week

    Thurgood Marshall's last 6 games have ended in shutouts. Three shutout wins (West Hi, Gamble and Hughes) and three shutout losses (Alter, Trotwood, and TA). don't think i've seen a run like that before
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    wanna play college football?

    We have had many inquiries about how to walk-on the football program here at Central State University. We are inviting you to the walk-on try-outs on August 16, at 4:00pm at McPherson Stadium for team consideration. · You must be registered with Eligibility Center. Go to
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    More Westside low-income housing news

    From the 11/28/05 Cincinnati Business Courier: New owners to spruce up Fay complex Dan Monk Senior Staff Reporter A Washington, D.C., nonprofit plans to invest $35 million to buy and renovate one of Cincinnati's largest low-income housing complexes in an attempt to upgrade units and reduce...
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    The Yappi Civil War

    The dawn of a new utopia is upon us. This supposed melting pot has finally boiled over. Hate has flooded the board. Tensions are at an all time high. Rage reigns where peace once stood. It's time to destroy. Destroy these filthy GCL'ers and GMC'ers. It's time to murder these mouthy Massilonians...