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    CVCA looking for a new head coach?

    Much like Lake Center Christian...CVCA has changed greatly over the years from their humble beginnings....
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    How Old Is Your Gym?

    I miss the old Warren G. Harding Fieldhouse!! Went to a few tournament games there..old school atmosphere. Anyone have pictures to share??
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    Dayton announced as Final 4 site

    Ok let's start it...this is unfair to teams in NE Ohio!! Not centrally located. Too far to drive especially in winter weather. It favors schools in SE Ohio. Did I miss
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    Friday Finals (2/19)

    Mogadore 59 Ravenna Southeast 47 Mogadore wins Portage Trail Conference championship!!
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    MVAC 2021

    Mogadore kids mostly to D3. Mount Union? Ashland etc. Chuck Moore from Mogadore was on many D3 championship teams at Mount Union. Bert Vaughn from Mogadore played for Michigan State and some went to University of Akron and Kent State. But really difficult for small D6, 7 schools to get major...
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    Saturday Finals (2/13)

    Rootstown 75 Ravenna Southeast 70 Rootstown knocks off the co-leaders on consecutive nights.
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    Suburban American 2021 - Breakdown

    I know Kent Theodore Roosevelt is getting turf this summer. Does Cuyahoga Falls have turf yet?
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    Metro Athletic Conference 2021 Breakdown

    And both declined!! Which is unbelievable as they are rivals and play most of the schools
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    Suburban American 2021 - Breakdown

    How many of the schools in the Suburban American have field turf?? Is the Falls the only one without?
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    MVAC 2021

    Wish Mogadore, Southeast and Rootstown would have been included with Garfield. Might have taken some thought but thinking it could have worked with east and west divisions and crossovers..
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    Akron City Series 2021

    Go Akron North Eskimos...I mean VIKINGS. Been a very long time since the old school on north hill has won any title. By the way this building is the only school building NOT scheduled to be replaced. Too bad they tore down so many of the old architerully beautiful buildings...
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    MVAC 2021

    Garfield will be a tough out in this new league. Tough hard nose kids. Demma is a stud both in football and basketball. Think they should win in their inaugural season but wishing they'd stay in Portage Trail conference...
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    MVAC 2021

    Don't forget the skipper too, the millionaire and his wife, the movie star the professor and Mary Ann !! lol just had to.
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    How Old Is Your Gym?

    New schools have no distinct architecture. They basically all look the same. I taught and was an administrator in a 100 year old building. It will last forever. The new building that took its place maybe 25!!
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    How Old Is Your Gym?

    Does anyone have pictures of the New Boston Glenwood gym I think? It was really small