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    One of Ohio’s Historic Rivals—Warren Harding at Massillon Washington

    I’m reading what you boys are saying. Just had a total knee replacement and then lost 30 lbs. I miss being in the thick of things for this game in particular. NOTHING like a big time high school rivalry and have been watching since 1951. Maybe next year if the Lords willin’. Say hi to Carl...
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    2020 Massillon Washington Tigers Football

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned but congratulations to Worm for another fine synopses of the game.
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    2020 Massillon Washington Tigers Football

    Sorry, but I saw them play when NO team in the state had a chance against them. and, the years before that under Paul Brown and a good number of years in the ‘40s and when we beat them it was the greatest feeling in the world!!!
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    2020 Massillon Washington Tigers Football

    Massillon will give ANYONE a battle. No, they are not the Massillon of old but what a PROUD tradition. No one can come close to them. Been watching them for close to 70 years and thank God He allowed me to do so.
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    What mascot names are next?

    I would think Warren Harding “Raiders” with the Indian as A motif will be on the chopping block.
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    Ohio State vs Michigan 2020’s

    I bet no one thought the Buckeyes would go 2-10-1 in the late 70s and the decade of the 80s. IF Michigan can get a good coach, maybe a no-name like Bo, then worm can turn again. Never say never. I still think JCooper never understood the importance of the game and not so sure Jimmy really...
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    Steel Valley Conference

    Do you really think a team with a 4-6 or 5-5 record belong in the playoffs? I know in the past Ursuline and/or Mooney got in their very low divisions but it was from playing one or two Div 1 schools and beating them. It reminds me of college football where you’re eligible for a bowl game IF...
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    Pelini and YSU

    Anymore, it may be more than half the battle. Kids want to win NOW!!
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    YSU Football HC Replacing Pelini

    Curt Mallory would be a great choice. Great blood lines from dad Bill Mallory who was a winner with CLASS.
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    Steel Valley Conference

    So true Worm!
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    Cincinnati Elder vs. Massillon Washington Week 9???

    Massillon played ANYONE & EVERYONE back in the day. They feared no one and usually won the challenged game. Give credit when credit is due.
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    Citrus Bowl Michigan vs. Alabama

    It's not funny; its typical SEC. Real classy. Harbaugh's is clueless on clock management.
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    Tress did put a wall around Ohio but look where your stars come from. Not Ohio . That’s what troubles me with Harbaugh.. He doesn’t recruit Ohio at all nor Michigan. Ohio football isn’t what it was years ago but still plenty tough. Everyone knows the true studs around the country; no...
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    I was surprised too. Must be the unusual excellence of academics and athletics. Typical “non-relevance cheap shot. If true, why are you people so obsessed ????