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    WW ends being independent

    Congratulations to Trotwood and La Salle
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    State Championship Updates (Mansfield Senior vs. Trotwood-Madison)

    Congratulations Trotwood from WW nation!
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    WW ends being independent

    Wow now that the playoffs are just about over and we see who is in the championships. WW scheduled Division 1, 2, and 3 potential state champions or runner ups. I’m not crying over spilled milk but I just wanna say I’m proud of my Warriors for always playing whoever whenever since we haven’t...
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    Division II State Championship: Massillon Washington (14-0) vs. La Salle (12-2)

    I’m going for LaSalle. Bring it home for Cincinnati
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    Division II - Region 8 Championship: La Salle (10-2) vs. Harrison (11-1)

    I wonder where the game will be played. La Salle for the win. Not close at all again.
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    Division 2 Region 8 playoff discussion

    I’m glad you all continue to have WW in the conversation even after missing the playoffs however can we get into LaSalle next victim 11-0 Walnut Ridge. Any thoughts?
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    Division 2 Region 8 playoff discussion

    Good luck to La Salle bring home that state trophy
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    Division 2 Region 8 playoff discussion

    That Trotwood game would’ve helped
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    Division 2 Region 8 playoff discussion

    Just when you thought it would be easy
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    Week 9: Winton Woods (5-3) at Cincinnati Lasalle (7-1)

    If I was WW I would make LaSalle stop Williams if they can’t then keep feeding him
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    week 8 Elder ( 6 - 1) at Winton Woods ( 5 -2)

    Let’s Go Warriors we need this one
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    Wow I just connected the dots I knew DMR off the site and didn’t even know it. RIP