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    Coaching Matters

    The Coventry girls basketball program has been turned around and good coaching is the reason you don't have to have a law degree or bff with the super, to be a good coach you have to know how to adjust to you'r talent that you have and not play favorites, After four years of horrible coaching...
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    Does anyone know how the transfer works from one school to the next , do you have to sit out a year or can you play right away.
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    Do senior softball players lose interest in there final year of High School softball

    As i follow High School softball through the years it seems to me that once a player who has played all four years in High School softball whether it be JV or all four years on varsity ,as she plays her final senior season does she lose the fire that once drives her to play as an underclassmen...
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    Who is the best softball team in the PTC Metro, Springfield looks to be the best by far,with Southeast gone to the County and Field losing some key players its anyones guess who will compete with Springfield for the title. Springfield Field Coventry Crestwood Kent Norton Streetsboro Ravenna
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    PTC METRO girls basketball.

    Who is the best team, hands down Ravena, If the injury bug doesnt get them they will cruise deep into the playoffs this year should be undeafeted easily in the league with Moe Moe healthy and D Gibson and M Gibson ready to roll for a great season. Lost one senior have the rest back...
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    PTC Conference...

    Who will be the ptc leader this year Field should be the team to beat , The Comets and Kent have new coaches so may be a year to see how it goes for them, Norton had great year in basketball lets see how they pick it up for softball, Springfield rich in softball history have decent junior soph...
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    comets get new softball coach

    does anyone have any info on the new coventry comets softball coach i know she came from north canton hoover and played on a state title team , does anyone think she will be a good coach . the comets have a decent, junior and soph class with a decent coach could make some noise in the ptc metro.