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    Northmont 18 Springfield 1

    Yep, I was at one on the boys side last night. Two parents from the losing side came, left just after half. So the fans, on senior night, paid 7 bucks to watch a total debacle with a team in possession 98% of the game in their own DEFENSIVE half. The second half was shortened to 30 minutes thank...
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    Here is some info for you, not sure if you can find some results from here, I had a short lunch and did not have time to look.
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    Tuesday scores

    Edgewood 3 Tecumseh 1 Decently entertaining match, of course any live sports right now is off the charts for me.
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    Top 10 Girl Soccer Players for 2020

    Unfortunately I think you need to be a subscriber to read this...
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    Dayton D3 Boys Soccer

    The email confirming my volunteer hours said it is possible it might be cancelled. So take the schedule with a grain of salt, I hope it happens as I will get to watch some action!
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    2020 Adidas National Showcase Cancelled

    Thanks. Do you know if the plan is to still try and get 5 games in? Honestly I would settle for 1 game at this point!! I am a little nervous with Snodgrass getting let go yesterday.
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    2020 Adidas National Showcase Cancelled

    Stinks. The former Mason Classic (now Midwest Preseason Classic) has been moved out a couple weeks to last weekend in July.
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    Good grief, did anyone read that article and envision Rudolph's flying reindeer coach?
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    Guidelines for Phase I

    Question for those of you that may have HS age players getting started up with work outs. I am pretty sure I heard the coach of my sons team say "no passing" to each other in a Zoom call. Is every school interpreting the guidelines in that manner? In my opinion that is silly and just can't be...
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    Cincinnati GOAT Girls HS Soccer Teams

    Thanks for posting that. Little before my time but what was going on at Bacon in 1980, great player or just a bunch of beasts?
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    Cincinnati GOAT Girls HS Soccer Teams

    Bummer, subscribers only.
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    US Soccer closes Development Academy

    Unfortunately the amount of overhead at some of the clubs is causing quite the stir as the spring basically did not happen yet not much coming back in the way of refunds to parents. Pretty much a disaster. As for the DA, I was all for it - provided that it did not turn into another Crew Juniors...
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    UC drops Men’s Soccer

    People were texting me and at first I thought it was just canceling the fall season and I was like "here we go" for other fall sports. Then I go to and boom out of here. You would think that FC leaving Nippert next spring that they could target some of those folks that don't want...
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    Care to say which HS?
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    Is the GDA now allowing high school play?

    Here you go, I assume it is up to date: