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    OHSAA It's Time To Let Us Know Your Plans, The 'Clock' Is Ticking

    Still a lot of unknowns out there, but prepare for he most likely scenarios. Mostly likely spring sports will be cancelled and schools will not resume until fall. I would agree sports would be allowed when schools are open, but for the 2020-21 school year expect parents and immediate family...
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    VASJ Vikings Basketball 2019-20

    Alonzo is not a prima donna. He is a great kid. Odd decision though.
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    Mentor basketball coach k

    Wow. I've met coach a few times at scrimmages. Very friendly and approachable guy. You can tell how great of a basketball mind he has in about 1 minute. You can also tell how tough he is both physically and mentally, so I would expect him to win his car accident! Hope he is doing well.
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    D1 Cleveland Regional

    Like I said, Shaker a solid favorite 😁
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    D1 Cleveland Regional

    I wonder if this will work on a smart tv
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    D1 Cleveland Regional

    McKinley a solid favorite but wouldn't be a shock if Shaker won.
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    Ignatius Basketball

    Varsity level or higher. He worked for college programs for the last several years. But clearly you are more qualified to make playing time decisions. You are right, I don't have to read it, but I did. Another fan in the stands smarter than the coach. I guess we should just start hiring...
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    Ignatius Basketball

    A lot of non coaches tearing into coaches these days. No idea of Joyce is a decent coach or not but all this coach ripping is getting old. Unless you've sucessfully coached HS varsity or higher you shouldn't be continuously ripping coaching on yappi and twitter.
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    Should OHSAA have illuminated backboard technology to help with buzzer beater shots?

    Adding it to the budget of a new gym is probably standard now. Not as easy to add it to old gyms, which many schools still have.
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    Three point shooting line.

    Many youth travel leagues have the no zone rule. Kids and a lot of parents love 3's though. The way a kids shoots a 3 at 9-12 doesn't translate to how they will shoot it at 15 and beyond, but if they continue to work on shooting form as they grow it won't necessarily "ruin" their shot.
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    Three point shooting line.

    Definitely no zone and would also be ok with eliminating the 3 point line until an older age. Don't see it happening though.
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    Cutting nets for sectionals

    Conference champs, District Champs, Regional Champs and State Champs cut down nets. I've seen a few sectional but rare. Like the others said, if a team hasn't won a tournament game in years and don't have a realistic shot to ever win a district, go for it. Just don't print tshirts.
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    Three point shooting line.

    The game has changed. We've got a lot of 5th and 6th graders making 3's at decent percentages. I don't necessarily agree with it, but you could go to a junior high game now and see 50% of the shots taken in the game be 3's.
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    D1 Twinsburg District

    Solon AD Mark McGuire retired at the end of the last school year. Assuming that has something to do with the change to Twinsburg. Hosting Districts definitely helps the athletic department budget, but also is more time commitment for the AD and many school employees.
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    VASJ Part Ways with Babe Kwasniak

    So the AD and 2 police officers escorted him from the building last night after he showed up to coach. Wow.