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    Dayton Area Basketball

    everything that is wrong with amateur sports in one post.
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    Home Field Elite 17U

    Committed list of teams?
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    Dayton Area Basketball

    He said Trice “had a few guys come in and it took off”. My point was that it took off in year 1. Without any guys that “came in”. More credit to Trice as a coach than anything. “Read more closely”.
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    Dayton Area Basketball

    Trice first year at Wayne was 2008. Wayne went 21-3. Knocked off Elder and Kyle Rudolph in the districts before falling to Withrow and Yancy Gates in the Regionals. “ok” at best? 🤔. Not a single Varsity starter or contributor moved in or transferred in that year. All homegrown Huber kids. The...
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    Loveland HS

    Surprised no one is talking about the open position... any front runners?? Good talent in that area.
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    GWOC 19-20

    Well at least post the facts Williams grew up in Springfield but went to Wayne all 4 years of HS. Wagner grew up in Yellow Springs but went to Wayne all 4 years of HS Trice grew up in Springfield but went to Wayne all 4 years of HS. Landers grew up in Miamisburg but went to Wayne all 4 years...
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    OHSFCA Top 25 Playoff teams

    Was wondering the same in regards to state titles..
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    Game of the Year: Sierra Canyon vs ASVSM in the Scholastic Play by Play Classic (12/14)

    Have you seen video of LeBron as a frosh in HS? Bronny is better at this point IMO.
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    Sidney Yellow Jackets 2019-20

    I have no clue what this response has to do with what I said... If Tipp has 2 players with “offers” than they should be just fine come tournament time. I understand it’s a tough sectional to get out of but how many teams boast 2 scholarship caliber players? Don’t see too many high Major or...
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    Huber Heights Wayne game thread 2019/2020

    Roster is posted on GWOC site. Looks like Wayne has some good size. One named that jumped off the page is 6’7 sophomore Aamil Wagner. Wonder if he is related to Ahmad Wagner? Maybe a little brother?
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    Huber Heights Wayne game thread 2019/2020

    That’s a tough schedule
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    Sidney Yellow Jackets 2019-20

    Should be fine since they have a couple of kids with college “offers”.
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    GWOC Pick'em Week 9

    Friday, October 25, 2019 Springfield vs Wayne Fairmont vs Beavercreek Lebanon vs Miamisburg Trotwood vs Springboro Centerville vs Northmont
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    SWO King of the Spread Pick'em: WEEK 9 GAMES

    ## Favorite ___________________________ Points ___________Underdog 01 LA SALLE ___________________________9.5 _______X______Winton Woods 02 COLERAIN _________________________17.5 _______X______Lakota East 03 Lakota West _____________x____________7.5 _____________PRINCETON 04 Sycamore...
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    Friday Updates (Week 8)

    this score can’t be right, either.