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    Cross County Conference 2020 Season

    >>>> The only team to opt out of the playoffs for the CCC is Bradford Not just the CCC, but for the playoffs as a whole there are going to be some very lopsided games. If the pairings were done by points, I see Marion Local at the top of their district for D7 and TVS/Ridgemont at the...
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    Dayton Area Sports Sept. 13+

    Middletown Madison, Lakota West, Hamilton Ross, Anna, Sidney, Marion Local, Bellbrook, Reds, Bengals, Browns all this and more at: Chris Tilton Sports
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    Cross County Conference 2020 Season

    Good games last night, several close ones. Feel sorry for Bradford - how long as it been since they got a win? But congrats to Mississinnawa Valley for getting the overtime victory. Watched the TV vs NT game online, as goes Sarver, so goes Tri-Village - he is a lot of their offense and...
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    Cross County Conference 2020 Season

    Covington wins easy over TVS TCN keeps momentum with a win over Bethel Fort Loramie easily handles Miami East MV takes care of business against Bradford Ansonia by 2 scores over Arcanum Tri-Village hosts Trail - the game of the week. I give the edge to the home team. Should be a shoot out.
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    Cross County Conference 2020 Season

    Despite a rocky start - giving up an opening kickoff touchdown that was ran in by South's Mike Crews, North quickly got on track and dominated South for a 42-7 win. And to add to the early miscues, on their first snap from scrimmage, North fumbled the ball - they recovered the ball but it was a...
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    Cross County Conference 2020 Season

    Yes, tip of the hat to North - I was impressed. Like everyone else, I thought it would be a closer game and that South had a shot at breaking their losing streak against North. But after the 1st quarter it was pretty much all North.
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    Cross County Conference 2020 Season

    >>> stinson is out. ACL tear That is too bad, he is a good athlete. Any idea on how long he will take to heal - back by basketball season at least we all hope.
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    Cross County Conference 2020 Season

    TVS v. TCN - taking South, they are overdue. Covington v. ME - Covington by 2 TD's. Fort Loramie v. Bethel - FL subs playing in 2nd half. Trail vs Bradford - another easy win for Blazers. Tri-Village v. Ansonia - Number 1 on this ladder is on the line with this game. Probably the game of the...
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    2020 SWBL Final Season

    The Carlisle Indians defeated the Dixie Greyhounds. The Hounds moved the ball against the Indians, but had problems scoring in the loss. In the first half they probably won the time of possession and moved the ball well in between the 20's. But when they got close to a score they either...
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    Dayton Area Sports August 21+

    New Breman, Waynesville, Ohio State, Reds, Bengals, Covid, Area Athletic Departments Experiencing a Cash Crunch? All this and more at: Chris Tilton Sports
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    Since we have been so accurate predicting ....

    I sense the buzzards starting to circle over this football season.
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    OHSAA announces 6-game regular season for football; all teams make playoffs

    I just got through reading the latest proposal for a 6 game season and then everyone that wants to makes the playoffs. I am scratching my head over this. In my mind, either the season is on or it isn't. These half way measures are just plain confusing and I don't know that they actually...
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    Cross County Conference 2020 Season

    The AD's are earning their pay for sure with the shortened season. Play 1st 6 games, last 6 games, or throw it all out and start over??? With playoffs being determined by vote, will dominant teams be tip toeing over their opponents so as to not make anyone mad - and vote them out of the...
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    Dayton Area Sports weekend of August 7

    Greenville, Tecumseh, Tippecanoe, St. Henry, Ohio State,UD Flyers make 2 offers, Indy 500 fans, Reds, Which 2 players not playing for Bengals, all this and more at: Chris Tilton Sports
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    Cross County Conference 2020 Season

    Numbers - How is the turnout this fall? Up, down, the same? Also wondering if the covid was doing anything to affect rosters.