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    The 2020 Boro Fan Almanac

    Great work Billy, your dedication to this is top notch and great for the wrestling community. Hoping you are off a bit in a few areas! ;) Great Stuff!
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    2020 State Tournament Predictions Report

    Perryburg 113 is really tough....220 at Perrysburg as well top two teams in the State at same district makes things interesting at a bunch of weights!
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    Darby D-1 District Rankings #6

    Tong still not wrestling?????? I was watching their dual tonight. Anybody think he is gonna be back?
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    Mentor D-1 District Rankings #5

    220 at Perrysburg could have all 4 that advance placing in Columbus. 5 of the top 7 ranked 220 are at Perrysburg.....Brutal!!!!!
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    Perrysburg D-1 District Rankings #5

    The meat grinder shifted West!😂😂😂 220 has 5 of the top 7 in the state. That gym will be nuts!
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    Wadsworth GIT (Saturday 1/25)

    Tong got cleared to wrestle? I spoke to one of their wrestlers at the Dies and that was NOT the vibe.
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    NEW Rankings - January 1

    I believe Gasic beat Merritt 13-3
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    Medina Invitational (M.I.T.)

    Liberty 220 as well!
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    Brecksville Holiday Tournament - 12/29 & 12/30

    Anybody know why Greer from Avon was a scratch?
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    Medina Invitational (M.I.T.)

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    Medina Invitational (M.I.T.)

    Thank you sir, interesting!
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    Medina Invitational (M.I.T.)

    Where can you see the seeds?
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    Medina Invitational (M.I.T.)

    Jaeckin was up 4-3 on Tong in 3rd period at Olentangy tourney. Delta kid Althofer at 220 is solid as is Chrisman. Should be a solid weight. 195 is nothing like it was last year!
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    Walsh Ironman - discussion, etc

    Were Ed's teams in different places this weekend? Seems like fewer wrestlers and missing coaches?
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    Findlay Duals Results

    Everything is on Track. Medina beat Olmsted Falls in the Championship. Came down to final match.