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    Corona Virus

    We all die, just a matter of time and place. Its more important how you live ;)
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    New Miami

    New Miami has a very nice team returning in '20. Whoever gets this job will be walking into a great situation from a coaching standpoint. With the way the MVC is organized now, no reason for the Vikes to not compete for league titles/playoff berths.
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    New Miami

    I wouldn't say he is a finalist, but he has interviewed for the job. If hired his suitor list may be limited in the village ;)
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    GCL Co-ed 2020

    Badin returns 4 dline, 2 olbs and their FS. On offense they return 2 on the oline and a WR. Some really good talent in the sophomore/junior grades but Rams will have to grow up fast.
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    Future of the SWBL

    Any talk of Ross, Edgewood and Talawanda being separated is highly unlikely in any scenario. If people are throwing out mythical leagues at least keep that in mind.
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    YSU Football HC Replacing Pelini

    Senator Tressel is in charge boys, YSU will make a good hire ;)
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    Winton Woods 2020

    The Warriors return alot of talent. Should have no problem getting to playoffs now with 7+ wins a year.
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    Future of the SWBL

    Any word on the Madison job? Seems like a job that would gain interest with their recent success.
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    Future of the SWBL

    The X/O part is rarely the tough part. Dealing with parents, admin, youth program, etc. Is a whole different story and that is where I am hearing he was "in over his head".
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    Future of the SWBL

    I agree, and if you were to compare the typical Madison season from the past 15-20 years. They were right on target.
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    Future of the SWBL

    Young guy that was just in over his head. The unprecedented success Madison had the ('17-'18) was going to be really hard to duplicate or exceed for any coach, let alone a 20 something guy just getting started. I'm sure the job will get some interest this time around.
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    Week 1: Marion Local @ Indian Hill

    And to quantify my prediction.. 2018 Coldwater running clocks Mt Healthy (at MH) Wyoming beats MH on last second fg. ML beats Coldwater... handily.
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    Week 1: Marion Local @ Indian Hill

    ML might running clock IH on any given year and would likely beat Wyoming but probably closer than IH game and I'm a cincy football guy.
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    Princeton Early Signees

    Ok I'll give this a try... Princeton obviously had alot of top level talent. Why didn't that correlate to more success on the gridiron?