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    EBC Softball 2021

    Who are the favorites this year? I’d imagine West Branch and Canton South will be solid.
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    Springfield Spartan Hoops

    Big wins over Woodridge and Cloverleaf. Looks like Coach Dack is a promising young coach
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    Mansfield High Tygers School Size Question

    Alliance has two districts within the city. Alliance City Marlington Local. A good portion of the western side of town is Marlington. Not many from the outside areas know that.
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    Boardman football coach Joe Ignazio resigns from program

    Not sure if you’re being serious or taking an unnecessary shot at a guy
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    How will Covid-19 affect the 2021 season?

    let them play!
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    Western Buckeye League 2021

    I'm pretty positive he is considered the godfather of the 5 wide spread offense in Ohio. Kenton started it I wanna say in 1999 or 2000. Many teams adopted this system/style at some point and some have continued to do it. Dover being probably the most notable. Arrogant or not Kenton won 2 State...
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    Akron Springfield sports?

    Springfield just hired a new boys basketball coach this year. Been hearing great things out of Kyle Dack
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    Playing after playoff elimination

    you owe it to the seniors to play a minimum of 10 high school football games.
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    PAC 2020

    I agree with your statement. Their offense was a joke. But what I was getting at was did you see their kids fight? Did you see their kids play dirty? I saw a lot of their players help NW players up after tackles. They may have committed some dumb penalties but they were disciplined enough after...
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    PAC 2020

    I attended the game and I can tell you Shaw was definitely Fast and Physical. You might as well call them East Glenville. Couple kids are D1. They had a great defense and were disciplined and well coached. Can’t say the same about their offense though. NW is definitely banged up. I don’t think...
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    Minerva Football

    Congrats to the Lions!
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    Alliance Aviators (1-7) at Louisville Leopards (2-5)

    Alliance won 19 consecutive NBC/EBC games from 2017-2019. Including beating the leopards in 2017. They did "dominate" the league with and without Louisville during that stretch. 2020, the EBC has proven to be an improved league from a talent perspective. Alliance currently starts multiple...
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    The official EBC Football Thread

    First of all I’m not a coach, If you want more info please private message me. 2nd if you really think alliance did anything wrong I can see why Minerva is 1-57 the past 6 years. Alliance literally had freshman and sophomores playing against their varsity first team at the end of the game. I...
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    The official EBC Football Thread

    Hurry up offense? You mean with 7 freshman on the field while Minerva still had their varsity defense on the field? It was 31-0 alliance subbed their 2nd string kids and then it became 31-7?? how about the time Alliance played their backup JV’s On defense with a running clock up 38-7 when...
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    PAC 2020

    If we are still playing football. NW and Manchester need to play late October, early November. After the post season, I don’t see either team winning more than 2 play off games