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    Does Your School Make Dance Videos for Your Team?

    Yes. Deion had some hot bars on that joint. Too bad they got boat-raced by Miami in the season opener.
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    VASJ’s Elvis Grbac Resigns (Alt: Elvis has left the building)

    I’m curious what he plans on doing with a Theology master’s. He was only there for one or two years, right? With VASJ experiencing an enrollment rebound in the 2010’s and an increase in football numbers, it would seem he’s walking away from something big (leading his alma mater on the football...
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    Run of the Year?

    He’s going to LSU for a reason.
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    Wilmington Forfeits R11 D3 game to DeSales

    lol thank you for minimizing a public health crisis
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    Ohio Heritage Conference 2020

    It’s still wild that the successor to that league, think it was the Buckeye Athletic Conference(?), crapped out only to basically merge into the Mid-State League. I’ll never understand why those schools joined into the MSL instead of just reformatting into a new conference, as it really changed...
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    Paint Valley @ Mechanicsburg

    I believe this is also the inspiration for the Chillicothe Paints baseball team.
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    Don’t think Green really beat much stronger competition, by comparison, to date. Westlake? Nope. Brush? Definitely not. Zanesville? No. Tallmadge? No. Of course, Franklin Heights and Hayes weren’t very good but still...
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    Pick Central moves on...

    That taunting penalty before half could’ve been greatly consequential if it was against Mentor, X or Northmont, as it led to PC getting zero points on that drive since they got bricked as time expired.
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    D7 R28

    Back to reality, GCC...
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    Friday Updates - 10/16

    Pick Central 14 Darby 10 HALF PC stood up on the goal-line as time expired. Tigers’ two touchdowns are kick return and a punt return.
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    COVID 19 Forces A Large # of playoff games to be cancelled (forfeited)

    Are the playoffs in WV going to be asterisked?
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    Edgerton forfeits Division VII, Region 26 game against Lima Perry

    Does Edgerton still run their offense from a couple years ago, where their run game was putting up monster numbers? I believe it was an offense with Wishbone and Double-Tight packages. Would love to possibly check them out in the future if I find myself all the way up there.
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    Anna @ West Jefferson

    So, I'll preface this by saying that I have no ill opinions of West Jeff and have always thought highly of the community & their athletics. I can respect the idea that West Jeff wants their schools and athletics programs to be about the district's families and nothing else. That the...
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    Fairbanks v Fort Recovery

    OL. We played them in 17, when he was a sophomore. He was getting looks then. I think when we played him, he was LT and DT. He’s listed as a guard, now. Memory grade? A-.
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    Fairbanks v Fort Recovery

    That player you’re referring to is on football scholarship @ Ames.