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    JJ Watt

    $31mil 2yrs, $23mil guaranteed for a guy who has only played 1 season of more than 5 games in the last 5? Sports injury predictor for JJ Watt in 2021 Chance of Injury in 2021: 91% Chance of Injury per Game: 14%
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    Have you gotten the Covid-19 vaccine?

    Finally got an appointment, now that 60+ will be eligible on Thursday, got it before that crush hits.
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    Ohio State to introduce preferred seat contributions for football tickets in 2022

    IRS says no, if the contribution is linked to ticket/ability to purchase a seat. You used to be able to deduct before 2018; that changed under the Tax Cut and Jobs Act,
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    What’s with all the clamoring to change the NBA logo?

    If the criteria is great basketball player who died young due to playing in the NBA; make it Maurice Stokes. He was a All-star all 3 years he played; was knocked unconscious when falling to floor, played his next game, suffered a seizure on his way home on the plane and was permanently paralyzed.
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    Have you gotten the Covid-19 vaccine?

    Yes, Yes, Yes. The scam part is having to sign up before you can access whether or not an appointment is available. All it is, is a scam to get your info so they can sell it or use it themselves to send you unwanted advertisements
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    Black teens are killed 20 times more often than white teens by gun violence.

    Maybe the 20 times more likely to be killed is a clue on why the other stats , like incarcerate rate are also disproportionate ?
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    Have you gotten the Covid-19 vaccine?

    Still no luck in getting it; the whole process is a joke. the Ohio state website is worthless; just lists vaccine providers who don't have any appointments open. The scam is getting a vaccine appointment, not Covid.
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    2021 Pittsburgh Steelers

    JJ Watt; last 5 years has played 48 out of 80 regular season games; he had a great 2018 when he played all 16 with 16 sacks, had 10.5 sacks combined the other 4.
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    Antifa Activist Signed Contract before going to Capital on Jan 6th - Capital Work ?

    I am confused; where is the problem, thought CNN & NBC were ANTIFA
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    Expecting Correct Answers and Showing Work in Math Class is now White Supremacy

    He wasn't a peasant, didn't live or work on a farm. That is what confused me. "This is why when some Indian peasant comes up with things no established Mathmatician can see light in "
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    Expecting Correct Answers and Showing Work in Math Class is now White Supremacy

    Seriously, you are using Ramanujan as an example? he was doubted by everybody,[Indians included] His initial problems were in how he presented his work, and that was partly due to the fact that he didn't care much for learning anything other than math. If anything, it is universal across all...
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    Have you gotten the Covid-19 vaccine?

    Still haven't got one, beginning to think it is a scam.
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    Oakley School Board Members Caught on Video Bashing Parents

    The entire school board resigned I will give them credit for that.
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    House Democratic Covid relief bill - inflation generator

    Among the many provisions in the House bill is sect 2101: It raises minimum wage to $15/hr in 5 years - This will increase inflation; how much to be determined BUT the real problem is year 6, when Congress gives the Sect of Labor the power to raise the minimum wage and not Congress. He is...
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    Do Aliens exist? How do you know or why do you believe?

    I know a God and a couple of Jesus; and they pay taxes, so the US govt officially recognizes God.