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    2021 B10 Pick'Em

    125 lbs. 5. Rayvon Foley, Michigan State 133 lbs. 2. Austin DeSanto, Iowa 141 lbs. 3. Sebastian Rivera, Rutgers 149 lbs. 14. Michael North, Maryland 157 lbs. 13. Luke Baughman, Indiana 165 lbs. 1. Alex Marinelli, Iowa 174 lbs. 6. Kaleb Romero, Ohio State 184 lbs. 8. Zach Braunagel...
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    INSiDE THE CIRCLE: ITC Pick'ms Contest (and #WhiteBoardPredictions)

    Just made the deadline...
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    Win-Loss record without forfeits

    Actually if you take out his criteria (if he wrestled state somewhere else, obviously district placement is also out of state) he drops to the 4 seed.
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    Garfield Heights District

    He worked to beat him, doesn't mean he thought he would.
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    Garfield Heights District

    With torn ACL ... no one (except for possibly Austin Desanto) saw Lee losing
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    Program "recovering" post Covid

    Open mats, off season lifting, team activities. Host a middle school skills camp, led by the kids you do have. Host some youth camps involving your high school and middle school kids. If you get 4 or 5 in each grade you will build a big base. It is super hard with Covid, but building your little...
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    Garfield Heights District

    And no one thought Spencer Lee could be beaten in 2017....
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    Weight Question

    If he has made 106, then he has made 113 (and 120 and 126 and 132, and so on). 1. No he already has made scratch. 2. Yes he gets the growth allowance.
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    2021 Ohio State Tournament Forecast Rankings

    You gave us his 2 losses #3, #16. Who has he beaten? Not saying I agree or disagree, but to just say he is too low when he has a loss to 16 doesn't make sense to me. Does he have wins over anyone above 16?
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    NEW Rankings - February 9th (FINAL)

    Has Fields wrestled 60 at all? I have only seen results with him at 170.
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    Wrestling Results

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    are most conference tournaments this weekend???

    Are most conferences having a tournament? Ours was cancelled.
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    D1 state duals invite at St. Edward - 2/6 - discussion

    Same way LaSalle got a higher seed than Mason...Coaches look at the whole team and whole season, not just 1 result.
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    State Dual results?

    D1 Top Half #1 St. Edward vs. #8 Marysville #4 Dublin Coffman vs. #5 Elyria Bottom Half #3 Brecksville vs. #6 LaSalle #2 Wadsworth vs. #7 Mason DII Top #1 Graham vs. #8 Licking Valley #4 Ashland vs. #5 St. V. Bottom #3 Steubenville vs. #6 Lisbon Beaver #2 Louisville vs. #7 Buckeye DIII Top #1...
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    Michigan State vs Ohio State

    Why have you tried not to like Spencer Lee? Great young man and a great wrestler... Not sure why anyone would not like him, or not sure why anyone would not want like him.