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    Update on HOF developments

    Very, very nice. You can zoom in and scroll through the photo to see more detail. They even got Downtown in the background.
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    Update on HOF developments

    The 12 story Onesto and 13 story Bliss Towers are at capacity at market-rate premium cost. It’s so successful the same developer is completely renovating an adjacent 5 story building next door as more market rate higher end lofts. I am sure the one strip Massillon downtown higher end housing...
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    As an engineer, here's how I look at the idea of pumping water from Mississippi to the West

    Mankind is ultimately doomed and so is the Earth.
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    Matt Gaetz....the end is near

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    2022 Freedom Bowl HSFB Event in Canton on Sep 26/27!!

    Thanks, if you read the thread he is not really trashing Massillon, he is talking about Ohio high schools playing Canadian teams, he mentions other Ohio schools by name also. He probably is correct, unfortunately, that Ohio is no longer a top 5 state nationally for high school football talent.
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    2022 Freedom Bowl HSFB Event in Canton on Sep 26/27!!

    I’m bored, please post a link.
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    House Democrats tout bill to add four seats to Supreme Court

    Seeing Merrick Garland’s performance as AG, certainly not a travesty. What a drama Queen.
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    The Hall of Fame Village Center of Performance Update

    Welcome New Member. It looks like the majority of the project is now under continuous construction and the current phase will be completed within the next 12 to 16th months. No one one Yappi can stop this travesty you are speaking of, so I would suggest you take your concerns to City, County...
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    Pro choice women covered in fake blood deliver doll babies to Amy barrett's home.

    So the message to Justice Coney Barrett is that little babies are cute, you can dress them in cute outfits, and don't forget to buy tampons.
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    Gas Prices

    Green energy is not so Green.
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    Gas Prices

    Foolproof campaign slogan, the DNC should run on that.
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    GOP- Stop with the Family Values, Christian BS!!!!

    I know little about Ms. Boebert and even less about her husband or his purported past sins. However, I do know that you do not understand what encompasses being a Christian or Christian values from your post.
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    Michigan GOP gubernatorial frontrunner arrested by FBI

    The KGB is now raiding people’s homes for misdemeanors.