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    Ferguson Riots

    This is the 21st century and inevitably the majority of those looting and setting fire to stores and damaging property were caught on video. Will these "people" be arrested or will a blind eye be turned? Should they be arrested? Furthermore, there is clear video of Michael Brown's step father...
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    Ap, Coach's top 25

    I don't have a clue how Florida jumped WV in the AP poll :confused:
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    Why isn't ESPN reporting this?!?! Bias much?
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    Long John Silvers robbed at gunpoint

    The cheviot long john silvers was robbed this morning at gunpoint... ridiculous
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    you gotta be kidding me

    city barbecue held up last night :wallbang: :wallbang:
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    DUI Checkpoint on Springdale

    Assuming there will be people drinking tonight at the game, be aware that there's a DUI checkpoint on springdale near northgate.
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    st. x to air three commercials during game on sunday

    So, st. x is airing three commercials during the game on sunday
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    Why is Colerain spelled Coleraine at the township center?

    So... I have driven by the township center (idk what it's really called but the police dpt, senior center ect.) many many times and I just noticed that one of the signs out front has Colerain spelled Coleraine... if you're driving towards Northgate mall on Springdale you will see it... just...
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    Coach Specht online chat

    Thought i would post this link here in case anyone wanted to read it
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    Pac-10 is pathetic

    I can't believe this is what the Pac-10 has to do to get attention
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    Colerain Gateway, what are the chances this "gateway" gets completed within the next ten years... or that Northgate even survives
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    4th of July Fireworks

    I've been going to the fireworks on the 4th since i started driving and this year will be no different. The fireworks seem to be getting better and better each year and this year seems to be no different. As far as I know this is the first year that there was been a "national band" performing...
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    Congrats to Drew Kummer

    Drew Kummer has committed to Miami Oh, congrats
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    Where's everyone going '10

    Matt James - Notre Dame Luke Massa Notre Dame Will Carrol - Georgetown ...where's everyone else going?
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    Lead the way for All-sports trophy

    1st place, X - 28pts 2nd place, Moeller - 20pts 3rd place, elder - 18pts 4th place lasalle - 14pts This would be our third all sports trophy in a row! ...we were one sport from sweeping the fall sports season (coincidently that one sport got second at state)...