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    2021 Boro Fan Almanac

    Great job Boro!
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    Mentor Cardinals Football 2021

    I think the out of state games will be back on this fall. If they do cancel them, lets hope that we get a early notice so another game can be picked up.
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    Wayne End to Alabama

    Congrats and good luck to Elijah.
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    Muskingum Valley League Tournament Results

    Thanks for all the results.
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    Wayne Warriors

    I agree, they will be fine.
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    2021 Roger Bacon Football

    What will the O-Line be like in 2021 and will they have a QB with experience?
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    D1 region 3

    That's true with the Westerville High School's getting away from the Olentangy's helped big time. But WC had a ton of Senior starters last year, they have a very solid 10th grade class, time will tell if they get back to where they where last year. Very very senior heavy this year for all three...
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    When will sectional info be released? I'm assuming that all of them will have a split schedule with lighter weights in the morning and bigger weights in the afternoon?
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    D1 Kettering Fairmont District

    I thought the same thing. I'm also hoping that they out wrestle the rankings, I think a few will for sure.
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    Dublin Coffman next year

    I'm pretty sure everyone said they wanted O-Lib to do state duals when O-Lib was good to see how well they would have done, 100% of folks on this site said O-Lib would have curb stomped folks way back in 2017. NO ONE BASHED THEM. Doesn't really matter now, O-Lib is a solid 2nd place team again...
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    Tuscarawas County Postseason

    I'm pulling for Logan Hursey .
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    NEW Rankings - February 9th (FINAL)

    Good stuff Boro !
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    Dublin Coffman next year

    Quit living in the past
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    Dublin Coffman next year

    Those Glory Days from 2017 never go away. lol
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    D1 state duals live

    I would have to say no with out being disrespectful about it.