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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    Maybe... still doesn't hide the fact that LC has historically been the worst surface to play on in the NWOAL for years.
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    Thank the lord. God is good. What a sh/t stain of a field they had. Nobody needed it more. Always hated playing on their grass. Not to mention Rex always had the officials in his back pocket.
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    Weight Classes

    106 is not a varsity weight class... My vote would be 12. I already know I am going to ball up a lot of panties on this one 112 120 128 136 144 152 160 172 186 210 285
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    Podium Pictures

    Covid only happens on the podium. Not on the wrestling mat nor in the stands that were packed
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    Tournament Locks

    Not counting out Mattin. I don't care what the score was last time. He will be ready. Don't even start this silliness that he won't get by Long (WT) either...
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    Tickets for state qualifiers d3

    Wrestled each other on the same mats for 2 days but cannot brush shoulders with them for a brief moment. Covid has made everyone stupid. Oh and don't forget, NO HANDSHAKING OR DEATH
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    Van Buren D3 Sectional

    It’s common knowledge VB4
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    Van Buren D3 Sectional

    Once again proving to be the weakest sectional in the state. 4 state qualifiers total from this sectional.
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    Throwing a match

    Defiance Tinora had used a unique way to "throw" a match!! Check out the 195 Bracket at the Rossford District. A buddy told me about this. Tinora's 195 apparently did not show up for his match in Round 1 and forfeited. I heard that the coach told officials they were forfeiting the match for...
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    Sectional upsets

    Why is this an upset? #22 at 170 beat #22 at 182. I never even heard of these kids. I am sure those 9 seconds of ride time was somwthing to die for... pfft
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    Van Buren D3 Sectional

    My thoughts... The weakest Sectional ever
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    2021 Boro Fan Almanac

    Clouse, Mohawk (220) will be exiting Rossford district. Therefor he should be an RO-2 not a KF-1. Just a minor error I saw. Good work, Boro!
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    Embarrasing for the community. You are right... they wont win anywhere anyhow anyway with their mentality... Lahoooooozaheeerrrrrrsss
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    It still baffles me why Swanton wants out of the NWOAL... They just beat us for the girls sectional in basketball, yet they claim they cannot compete anymore. The 3rd biggest school in the league and they want out. LOL. Did y'all see that cute powerpoint presented to the school board? LMFAO...
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    2021 Ohio State Tournament Forecast Rankings

    Damn skimpy here pedro