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    OHSAA tournaments will have ‘limited spectators

    Better put the games on public TV.
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    2020 Cleveland Browns

    Why did Dorsey get canned? I thought he brought in some decent competitive talent?
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    Ohio State Buckeyes 2019

    What about 1968?
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    Ohio State Buckeyes 2019

    What's the matter, didn't have big 10 refs helping you out tonight? Know what they say about karma.
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    Najee Harris

    Oh where, Oh where will he go? Roll Tide or Go Blue. The young man is making quite the drama. Committed to Bama, mother wants him to go to AA. Who's going to win out? Wherever he goes he will make an impact. :shrug:
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    AC & Refrigs'

    Sec. of State John Kerry said that air conditioners and refrigerators pose a big a threat to humans as do Isis and terrorists. OK? And we pay his salary? What a wing nut. Jan. 20th can't get here soon enough.
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    FYI,electric rates

    I recently received a call from Titan power and electric about saving me money on my electric bill. Ohio Ed. was charging me 7.2 cents per kwh. He could sell me his rate at 6.29. I told him to call back the next day. I called Ohio Ed. and told them about the price difference. The lady checked...
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    Dereke Wolfe

    Just read a good article on Columbiana counties own Dereke Wolfe out of Beaver Local in Had it pretty rough in his younger days. Bounced around from house to house and didn't have very good parents. Until the Hoppell family raised him and set him straight. A true, local boy makes good...
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    RIP Chuck

    He was a good man and a good coach. Hard to imagine the Steelers without him being their coach and just at the right time. Thanks.
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    J. Irsay, Busted

    Colts owner, DUI and controlled substance. Good thing he isn't a player. Probably be called a thug.
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    No more patsies!

    According to ESPN, the BTen is going to eliminate the FCS schools from scheduling for football games. Could turn into a big game every week-end. No more patsies. You'll need your "A" game every week. This will strengthen the league's appearance around the country.
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    Cardinals lose 58-0

    My how the Cardinals have fallen since 09 SB. Fitz's dad said team quitting. 9 game losing streak. Unbelievable. Sounds like time to clean house out there.
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    ESPN is saying that they secured the rights to the 2014 college playoffs and championship games for the next 12 years. Sounds like PPV to me. How soon will they scarf up the Super Bowl too? $ talks. :shrug:
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    RIP, Bo
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    UC vs. OSU

    Wouldn't it have been a game if these to would have played in a bowl game against one another.? Just to play what if. Who would win?