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    Best Television Theme Songs

    Winky Dink and You theme song. My little brother bought the magic screen and magic crayon set., and we elevated our status in the neighborhood.
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    Best Television Theme Songs

    I really liked Frankie Laine's version of Rawhide, but I also loved the Blues Brothers Rawhide scene.
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    Best Television Theme Songs

    The Real McCoys My father was from W Va and I was fascinated with Walter Brennan's accent, but was surprised that he was from Massachusetts . I also had a crush on Hassie. OK, the theme song is pretty lame.
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    Best Television Theme Songs

    Zorro It probably drove my parents nuts when their vocally ungifted son constantly sang the refrain and the only verse that he knew from the theme song of Zorro.
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    Best Television Theme Songs
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    Favorite Candy Bar

    Anyone remember the original Candy Barr? She was the favorite of many, including Jack Ruby and Mickey Cohen and legions more.
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    Favorite Candy Bar

    Proper way to eat a Snickers
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    Hubbard let go at Madison
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    Alternative to salt?

    Just finished reading Salt,A World History by Mark Kurlansky. It lives up to its billing of being a "mulit-layered masterpiece that blends economic, scientific, political, religious, and culinary records into a rich and memorable tale." It was a New York Times bestseller, copyright 2002.
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    Incident stops Oyler-New Miami game

    Journal News article.
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    Incident stops Oyler-New Miami game
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    Incident stops Oyler-New Miami game See at 53:10 of this video
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    2021 Dead Celebs/Athletes

    In the world of country music: Paul English(drummer for Willie Nelson) will no longer smoke weed with Willie. Harold Reid (Statler brothers) is counting flowers on heaven's walls. Charley Pride will no longer need to kiss a metaphorical angel. He's with the real ones. The devil went down to...
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    Players with 25+ points in a game (2020-2021)

    Isaiah Walker Wyoming 27 points 12/5 against LaSalle same game
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    Edwin Moses article Lots to know about this outstanding man. My regard for him has been elevated.