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    D3 State Predictions

    Absolutely! I guess by referring to the gauntlet that is the SW District I failed to add in Mariemont. Which for the likes of Botkins to get back to the final 4 they will need to get by them first. Then whoever comes out of there will be the likely favorite to win it all.
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    D3 State Predictions

    I'll throw my two cents in and guess whoever makes it out of The Gauntlet of D3 SW Ohio Regionals wins it this year. I would have loved to see Bluffton vs Botkins State FInals last year but The Wellington School came in like a freight train that year. I think Bluffton's biggest challenge is...
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    Western Buckeye League 2020

    Trotwood fans are big supporters of St. Marys (cowbell mafia) and vise versa. Unless, the two have to play each other.
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    Rootstown Coach Resigns

    If they (administration) were so high on his morals and integrity, why question his decision? Someone was doing a lot of BS'ing to save face, and it clearly wasn't Coach Spiker. Imagine how the head coaches in other sports at Rootstown feel? If I were their basketball, soccer, baseball coach I...
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    Division III Football Poll - Preseason (08/26/20)

    I thought the same thing. I do know their district will do online school for the 1st 9 weeks.
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    If there is no physical or visual evidence of said teams recruiting there is really nothing the OHSAA can do. If you believe this is a big enough issue I don't think posting here would be the place to express your concern with Private schools recruiting. I coach a co-ed team which has one of...
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    WBL 2020 Football Schedule Released, No Champion To Be Crowned

    :ROFLMAO: No I just remember growing up he was good friends with my dad and Jack Clouse. Always loved listening to them talk about sports and politics with the farmers at the Orchard Tree before school. Jack Clouse was a one in a million guy BTW. God rest his soul!
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    WBL 2020 Football Schedule Released, No Champion To Be Crowned

    Dave spent many years living in Celina, did many sports broadcasts with WCSM Radio I believe. He did the play by play of the Division 1 Regional FInals 1990 Celina Girls basketball vs (#1 Nationally ranked at the time) Pickerington HS game. Celina upset Pick and eventually won their 1st and only...
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    Guidelines for Phase I

    I believe it is up to the schools board of education on what guidelines they would like to implement. For our soccer program, as of now, we condition every MWF (no use of ball and try to maintain 6 feet of social distancing) and T-Th is our individual ball skill training and we can also do a...
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    New Knoxville

    As a resident and current coach in the school system, I will confirm this RUMOR is completely false. They school board just hired their new Boys Basketball Head Coach. 2013 Delphos St. Johns alumnus Cole Fischbach will take over the program in 2020-2021.