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    I'd like to hear about the pitching guy. Everyone can use a little velocity in the off season...

    I'd like to hear about the pitching guy. Everyone can use a little velocity in the off season right?
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    Keep Throwing vs. Shut it Down

    This is a question for coaches and or pitchers at the High School level or higher. For a pitcher who has just finished up Summer season and just finished up tryouts --- should he shut it down completely and not throw for a while? Or should a pitcher still throw once a week or so to keep his...
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    New Coaches in 2018

    West Clermont HS made a big splash with Conley as Varsity Head Coach, Ayers Varsity Pitching Coach and Lang in the program as well. Any other schools with new coaches for the 2018 season?
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    14U Catcher - Cincinnati

    I know this is an absolute long shot. But due to multiple injuries, we are in search of a 14 year old catcher. Would be willing to have for the season or even just to help out in a couple of upcoming tournaments. Most of our scheduled games are on the eastern half of Cincinnati. Who knows...
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    Private Baseball Lessons Question

    Once the High School season starts and a kid is officially on the High School team: Is that kid still allowed to take private lessons from a third party? Or does all instruction at that point have to come from the High School coaches?
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    Connie Mack

    Anyone following the Connie Mack World Series? or know where to find posted scores / results?
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    Playing the game

    No, I'm not talking about actually playing baseball, but referring to the tryout circuit. A kid makes a team on a Saturday morning and is expected to make a decision in 48 hours or the team will move on to the next best kid who tried out. Keeping all of that in mind, is it wrong to accept...
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    Cincy Area Umpire

    I think he goes by JB. Calls a great game. Teaches the kids along the way. Keeps it fun, talks to all the parents. On 2-2 count, yells Dueces! On check swings yells Oh yes he did! Played for Midland "back in the day" If you ever have/had him as an ump. You know who I mean. Make sure to...
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    The Jump from 13U to 14U

    I'm looking for some insight, warnings or words of wisdom. Going into the tryout season in July is the worst time of year for baseball if you ask me. Next year our age group makes the move from 13U to 14U. Keeping that in mind, about 4 of the kids on the current team will be Freshman while...
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    High School to Summer Team - Release Date?

    Is there a specific date set by OHSAA that states when kids can move from their High School teams on to their SummerBall teams? I have heard either Memorial Day Weekend OR as soon as your team looses in the state tournament and are officially released by your High School Coach.
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    Good Cut

    After many years of watching baseball I could not even tell you the number of times I've uttered "good eye" or "good cut" or even "nice try" to the kid on the team who struggled to keep up with the better kids on the team. Well tonight wraps up what will most likely be your last game. At...
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    Composite Bats + Colder Weather

    Looking for tips .... how do you keep from breaking that brand new composite bat in colder weather? Suck it up and hope for the best? Use the old aluminum bat until it gets above 60?
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    Ohio Weather

    Has anyone actually made it outside and onto a real baseball field yet?
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    OHSAA Rules

    Honest question, because I have heard opposite answers. If a student athlete makes the high school baseball team, can they still take and pay for private lessons during the season? I fully understand why the high school coach may not want this, for various reasons. But is it allowed under...