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    Boston 61 Bucknell 61

    So who won and what was the score?
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    Horizon League 2019-2020

    Uic is on fire winning 6 of 7 🔥 They had a lot of injuries early on but have all but one player back.
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    Cavs 2019-2020

    The Cavs must like their new coach, I’m sure he doesn’t call them thugs when they lose.
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    2019-20 Ohio State Basketball

    They lost to Maryland the 1st time
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    Art Modell Denied Entry Into Pro Football Hall of Fame

    Art is dead and the ravens are now infamous choke ARTists
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    More Ugliness at Penn State

    Garbage program
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    Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins feud

    KD is ruled by his own insecurities, not hard to put him on tilt.
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    2019-2020 MAC thread

    Akron is really good followed by Kent
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    2020 Cleveland Browns

    If Brady leaves the Pats the Browns have the best chance to land him! Maybe Baker could learn a few things being a backup, lol.
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    1/4 AFC: Buffalo Bills vs Houston Texans (4:35pm)

    Great made for tv production, well done nfl 👏
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    LSU vs Clemson National Title Game

    I like Clemson to win. Tosu Vs Clemson was the real championship.
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    Ohio State vs Michigan 2020’s

    I’m predicting the Buckeyes go 9-1 this decade, taking the series lead by 1 game.
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    Citrus Bowl Michigan vs. Alabama

    16 or 32 (with 2 brackets). Higher seed is the home team until the final four
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    2019 Pittsburgh Steelers

    Steelers lost to Ravens backups by 18 in a must win game 👏 👏