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    2021 D2 Outlook

    And Medina.
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    Ask the Ref?

    That maybe technically correct, but if an official made that mistake and didn't make the correction he should be fired.
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    State tournament will not be at OSU

    They have been hosting various girls and boys basketball games this season, so I am not sure they would be looking to charge huge money for the games.
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    State tournament will not be at OSU

    Why would they not allow 2,700 in Rocket Mortgage Field House for state championship games when they are allowing that now for Cavs games?
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    OHSAA drops 10 day coaching limitation

    I read in another article, an OHSAA official say they would use this summer as a test run and get feedback from member schools regarding changing the 10 day rule permanently.
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    Summit County Schedules for Pick 'em

    I am hearing that the Suburban League maybe deciding not to play this fall.
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    When will AAU be back in Ohio?

    Somebody needs to read the ODH order. Basketball is absolutely listed as a contact sport. These games are not allowed per the ODH. Just because you call it a scrimmage, doesn't make it a scrimmage.
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    Schools Going against Local Health Board recommendations?

    You need to look at the number closer and quit generalizing. As of today's numbers 8,306 under the age of 20 have tested positive for Covid. Out of the 8,306, 212 had to be hospitalized and 2 (both with preexisting conditions) died from Covid. How many under the age of 20 have died in the...
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    Ohio Dept of Health: Everyone needs to test COVID- before a game

    Many AAU teams are traveling to Indiana to play as they allow basketball to be played. Many Pennsylvania baseball teams were coming here to play baseball this summer as Penn didn’t allow baseball games. Club sports can travel to various states to play were allowed they aren’t confined to Ohio.
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    What will it take for contact sports to get approved for competition by 9/4?

    Correct this allows the pro and college teams to play, but for everybody else the requirement are not practical and don’t allow competitions. This allows the Governor to say that he didn’t cancel the season you didn’t want to follow the guidelines. It is about putting the blame on somebody else.
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    SL expansion

    Not sure Wadsworth was interested in adding another school with a 50-60 minute one way trip.
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    Cleveland Heights removed from the Post Season by OHSAA

    I am sure they will appeal and will win eventually.
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    SL expansion

    Reportedly 10 - 11 schools applied for membership. Interestingly, Louisville was added as the 16th team for the middle school basketball tournaments this weekend.
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    Southwestern Conference invites Elyria! Pioneers accept!

    Hello, the league is collapsing, they are running.