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    Dr. Seuss being canceled...

    Blame it on the Republicans.
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    Dr. Seuss being canceled...

    Ha Ha, Trump lost.
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    Has anyone seen this?

    ^tada I agree.,
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    Both are correct.
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    Lumber Prices skyrocket under Biden

    His negotiation skills had zero to do with it. U.S. lumber companies increased production. Our need of Canadian lumber has not changed. For example, in a July 24 letter to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Howard said the lumber dispute between the U.S. and Canada “remains...
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    Lumber Prices skyrocket under Biden

    It's because of Trump's tariffs our prices have gotten out of whack.
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    Republican Covid Relief Bill amendment to raise checks to 10k

    At least it wasn't his wife that was hurt. badum tss
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    Lumber Prices skyrocket under Biden

    Why no concern of the same price gouging last year? Shocker! Lumber prices go up in the spring, when people start building more.
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    Should Minors be Allowed to Decided if They Want Their Genitals Wacked?

    Stephen Paddock, Philip Manshaus and Dylann Roof are circumcised. Just sayin'
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    March 1st, Everything Opens, Mask optional, No Restrictions!

    What's the plan tomorrow, rush the capitol and cough on everyone?
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    Biden illegally locks immigrant children in border cages.

    These kids won't be lost, unlike when the Trump administration was in charge.
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    District Brackets

    You are old.
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    Top 20 ranked guys out of State series

    I assumed Eric Thomas (Graham D2 182) was ranked top 20 in his division.