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    Rootstown MS is looking for events

    Rootstown MS is still looking for dates / Scrimmage.
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    Rootstown MS is looking for events

    Rootstown located in NE Ohio is looking for events. Should have a full line up. Please call or text Craig Wise @ 614-578-6517
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    Rootstown looking for 220 for disney duals

    Contact Craig Wise 614 578 6517 for more info. Call or text June 23 - June 29
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    Rootstown duals 6-12

    Rootstown Summer Duals (NE OHIO - close to Kent State University) Disney prep Saturday 6-12-2021 Doors open 8:00 AM Wrestling starts 9:00 AM 6 teams 5 rounds 3 mats Home weigh in night before or morning of HS weights plus 5 $200 per team / per day Coaches and Graduates will ref...
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    Rootstown Summer Duals

    Moved this event to Saturday only. Still looking for a couple teams! Contact coach wise 614 578 6517 for info Rootstown Barnsville Barberton Lake