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    Toledo D1 Districts

    Findlay always seems to lack aggression in March. Seemed content losing by 10, than trying and losing by 30.
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    Toledo D1 Districts

    Findlay playing in first District Title game in 10 years. If Adams stays out of foul trouble, I think we have a good shot vs the Titans.
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    Toledo D1 Districts

    Findlay vs St Francis is going to be a tough one. Always is a low scoring close game between both programs.
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    Toledo D1 Districts

    As I predicted. St Francis with the win!!!
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    Oak Hills - Turpin

    Survive and advance!!! (Sarcasm)
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    Dayton D1 Tourney.....

    I think Moe should be the favorites. They haven't lost a tourney game since 2017. They would have won D1 last year, meaning 3 straight titles. This year's team is not as dominant though.
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    Dayton D1 Tourney.....

    Moeller doesn't have the elite pg they have had from previous years. Turner is good, but isn't a McBride for example.
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    Toledo D1 Districts

    Lake District: Top 2 seeds are #1 Lima Sr and #4 Sylvania Northview Lima Sr is a lock to make district final. #8 Toledo Start @ #6 Ashland could be an upset Central Catholic District: Top 2 seeds are #2 Toledo St John's and #3 Findlay I think #10 St Francis can upset #5 Sylvania Southview...
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    D-1: 16 Top Seeds who goes down 1st

    Elder, I believe they have the toughest road. Jackson playing Brush in District Semi's is an early test.
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    The 'Mangas Syndrome'...Made Out Of The Same Mold

    He plays 0 defense. Concerns D1 coaches.
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    OG Winter Classic

    Shawnee is not going to be able to keep up with Trotwood. It is impossible to prepare for that style of press.
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    State tournament will not be at OSU

    I would be very surprised if any college hosts it now
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    Findlay Hires Head Coach

    Any names being considered for the job?
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    AP poll 1/18/21

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    TRAC 2021

    No chance he ever was going to LB