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    Richmond Heights taking two-year break from playing football

    Hasn't there been individual athletes from Kelleys Island before? Such as in track?
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    OHSAA Working On Reopening Of Sports

    I just received tweets from two high schools announcing their summer softball schedule (all in the month of June). Do schools have a summer softball period? Or is this just making up for lost games in the spring?
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    State Championship Football Videos

    I have it on DVD. Could make you a copy.
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    Housworth's Thoughts On OHSAA Football Playoff Expansion

    Never heard of him (her?).
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    Flooding at Princeton's Viking Stadium

    It looked OK speeding past at 60 mph on the Interstate today. Probably doesn't look so good close up.
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    Fascinating article about difficulties OHSAA faces if no football in fall

    I find The Athletic intriguing, but I can never find out what it costs. They only ever want you to start your "Free Trial", and we all know those are usually traps for something that costs more than you want to pay.
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    OHSAA extending 2021 playoffs to 12 teams per region

    In 4 years when the playoffs expand to 16 teams per region.
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    OHSAA extending 2021 playoffs to 12 teams per region

    Weeks 1 and 2 of the playoffs are both at home field sites.
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    OHSAA extending 2021 playoffs to 12 teams per region

    Don't worry. They will change it to 16 playoff teams soon enough.
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    Your schools greatest team...

    24 wins, 9 losses and 899 ties?
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    The High School 'Football Dilemma' In Two States...Pandemic Concerns

    Oh, fall sports are definitely more in the governor and Amy Acton's hands that those of the OHSAA.
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    Your schools greatest team...

    I've been to Wapakoneta. And I've been to Massillon. You, Massillon, are no Wapakoneta.
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    USA Today article

    There was a nice study out of Britain that showed the virus almost never transmits out of doors. Almost 100% of virus transmissions are in small enclosed indoor areas. Outdoor classes in the fall?
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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2020

    Coldwater ... Pioneer of school consolidation.
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    No High School Football 2020

    No doubt.