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    D5 R17 Rankings

    100% correct. They had the property with plans to build a new school for many, many years. the opportunity came along with matching state funds and they decided to finally pull the trigger. As a side note, the athletic complex across the the road was paid for with donation, (actually a...
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    D5 R17 Rankings

    Crestview's defense made some key adjustments to slow down the G-Men's running back #25. He had most of this yards in the first half and scored their first touchdown. The G-Men really struggled passing the ball once the Rebels forced them into long yardage situations. The Rebels were able to...
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    D5 R17 Rankings

    I hope your right XFactor. Certainly should be a great game. The Rebels defense is solid, so it should be interesting to see if the Raiders can score 42. Too bad with covid we can't have a full crowd there Saturday night...both great communities that love their teams.
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    MVAC Football 2020

    Ballone got rolling and the Rockets won 30-26. Very sloppy game. Valley's defense picked off Ballone 3 times in the game, that definitely helped them stay close.
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    D5 R17 Rankings

    With South Range getting the winner, this game is definitely one I'm interested in seeing how it pans out. With all the turmoil at Rootstown this year, I'm curious to see how they respond here in the playoffs. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about Harrison. I seem to remember they had...
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    Sykotyk's HS Football Photos

    Great photos Sykotyk!!! I just got a Cannon EOS 2000D this summer and have been experimenting myself this fall at the games. Using the manual settings with auto focus. Photos at the begging of the year were awful, now I have adjusted the ISO and shutter speed for much better shots. I love...
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    D5 R17 Rankings

    I think the coaches did a great job of seeding the teams based on records and schedules. I'm sure we could all argue over program strength, schedules, etc., but the seeding looks pretty fair. Sure, there are a couple abnormalities, but it looks like most coaches went into this well informed...
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    Is Drew Pastuer taking this season off?

    You beat me to the punch Rangerfan. I remember him posting that this year was going to be difficult anyways, but with the anticipated schedule changes and all, it was going to be extremely time consuming to keep an accurate site.
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    D5 R17 Rankings

    As a Raider fan, I have been pleasantly surprised by this team. I knew they would be good, but to beat Poland and other schools in the NE8 by decisive margins has been quite impressive. The purpose of the Raiders joining the NE8 was to help prepare them for tournament play, so we shall see how...
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    EOAC Season 3

    Seems like this thread died when Bulldog quit sparring with other posters.......... Interesting to see what happens in the United - Southern Local game tonight. Southern needs the win to at least capture a share of the league, but United looks pretty dominate so far this year. Should be a...
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    Week 5: Struthers at South Range

    Yeah, now that you posted that I remember JM moved up to the Upper Tier of the ITCL for 1 year before they went to a three tier league. I think they had only like 2 more boys than Southern Local. That was the beginning of the end for the ITCL.
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    Week 5: Struthers at South Range

    I don't believe the Raiders have played JM since 2004, but I get your point. The dominance of South Range and Crestview caused the whole breakup of the ITCL a few years ago. The athletic program welcomed the challenge of the NE8 instead of trying to find a league of like size schools. I...
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    Week 5: Struthers at South Range

    Confirming that yes Patrone is back at QB, although I think SR now knows they can be affective offensively with either Patrone or Skripac.
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    Chaney Recruiting?

    Yeah, didn't the OHSAA just say a about a month ago that they only handle the tournaments.:rolleyes:
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    Consecutive Games attended streaks broken?

    This is the year that there will be a lot of asterisks in the record books. I would include that with personal attendance streaks.(y)