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    Eight grade parents hold your kids back?

    Many times 18 year old's don't know what's best for them and their future, but it is their life to live.
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    Some Fall and Spring Sports Switching Seasons?

    I just saw that. I very skeptical of the validity of that.
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    OHSAA Softball to the Fall?

    As a softball and volleyball dad I think flipping the seasons makes absolute sense from many different perspective, not just the weather implications. Frankly, I'm not sure why it hasn't happened already. I'm sure there are politics at play to some extent.
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    OHSAA to Host Press Conference Thursday (Noon)

    I think the OHSAA is simply following the guide of Dewine and his orders wrt the schools. If the April 3rd date is pushed back more than a week or 2 at most I expect that the spring sports will be cancelled for this year. Assuming we're not on the other side of this in the next 2 weeks, I...
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    Ohio High School Softball/Coronavirus

    I agree that it doesn’t look good. They don’t expect the virus to peak until the end of April, if that turns out to be the case then I think they forego the season. I’d feel terrible for the kids and it would serve as a really hard life lesson, but if that’s what needs done than it’s what...
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    Ohio High School Softball/Coronavirus

    Knowing now that all Ohio schools will be shut down for the next 3 weeks any thoughts on how this will affect the softball season? 1. I would think teams would be prohibited from practicing during this period 2. Would they give them a week to warm back up before starting the season? 3. Would...
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    How many pitchers for your HS Varsity?

    If you have a dominant pitcher as has been said they're gonna get the large majority of the innings. I would guess most teams sans injury aren't gonna go more than 2 deep.
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    Sidney Yellow Jackets 2019-20

    I was at the Saint Mary’s game. While I’d like to make an excuse of the flu going through the entire team in the 2-3 days leading up to that game, they just ran into a buzz saw there. I think had Sidney been healthy it would’ve been a closer game, but they simply have no answer for the height...
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    Sidney Yellow Jackets 2019-20

    From last night Sidney- 51 Vandalia Butler- 42 Butler kept it close for most of the game, but Sidney pulls away at the end. Sidney moves to 15-1 (12-1 MVL). Sidney takes on Xenia at home tomorrow and will go on the road vs Troy on Tuesday.
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    Sidney Yellow Jackets 2019-20

    Huge matchup tonight. The 13-1 Jackets go on the road to take on 12-3 Stebbins. The game in Sidney was close and I expect tonight's game will be as well. Stebbins is 6-0 at home this year. The Jackets are going to have to bring their A game tonight.
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    Sidney Yellow Jackets 2019-20

    If you're insinuating that Dre and Ratez had egos I'd say that's about as far from the truth as you can get. To an extent all elite players have ego's. Now if you want to say the ball didn't move as freely has it could have sometimes because of Dre then we can have that discussion, but it...
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    Sidney Yellow Jackets 2019-20

    Nah he’s been gone for maybe 4 years now. Last I heard he was down in Chillicothe.
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    Treg Lee (St Joseph) 1986-1987 Season

    Thanks! I wondered if he was still officiating.
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    Middle School softball question - PITCHING

    For sure. I didn’t communicate what I was saying well. I’m not saying you’re going to develop 4 dominant pitchers. The hope would be 4 pitchers 2 of which who are solid to strong and at least 2 who can throw strikes and eat innings if necessary. Even more ideally 2 upper classmen that would...
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    MVL 2019-2020

    Sure seems like they’re the odds on favorite, but what is up with Nolan Mader? I assume he’s hurt, but is it a long term injury. Knostman has been able to pick up his slack scoring wise so far. I think better perimeter defending teams are going to prove to be more of a threat until Mader returns.