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    Distance Training

    Do some of you, who solely train distance events do "true" speed work with their guys on a regular basis or during any cycle of training? By "true" I mean anything that doesn't exceed the 3-6 second mark and at 100%... If so, how often?
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    Mileage Question

    Doing some research to increase my knowledge in the longer distance races and wanted opinions on how many miles is too many when training for The 800 and/or 1600? What do you consider speed work for a miler, and is speed work a main component in your regiment? Thanks in advance
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    Division Numbers

    Looking at some of the schools in Division 1, how is a school with over 1100 boys deemed equal to a school with just over 600? Numbers alone make that a ridiculous advantage, not to mention the idea that Catholic Schools have the ability to get and kid it wants without penalty repercussions or...
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    2017 Dvision 1

    Who is returning the top team in Division 1 this upcoming season? Are there any other notable SUPER stars in the making other than Zion Cross?
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    Division 1 2017

    No Action in the track forum I guess