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    Continuation on "running up the score"

    Although football, could be relevant to any sport. Still an interesting talking piece with a bit of a twist...
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    Top Teams: D1, D2, D3 Cincinnati

    Division 1: Loveland's D was the key in this game as they stayed stout and fairly organized. In my opinion both teams knocked the ball around well and I would give Milford the edge on quality chances. Milford's front 3 are one of the best lines in the city, as those kids are strong...
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    9-24 scores

    A couple noteworthy games Loveland 3 Fairfield 1 Well played game by both teams. FF scored first with 7 seconds left in 1st half. Set piece by FF defended well but 2nd ball slotted nicely from about 20 yds out. Very nice goal. 2nd half played well, just looked like Loveland had a little...
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    Anderson 5 Milford 3

    Wide open second half....Wow