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    2021-22 Club season

    Pretty cool for Vanguard and the OVR!
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    SoCal Cup National Showcase

    From my sources, he hasn't played all winter, and that was the first time the team has played together. Considering most of these guys played different positions all spring, not a bad showing imo. 1 or 2 points away from making the finals.
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    SoCal Cup National Showcase

    What an accomplishment, big win for Ohio and midwestern volleyball. To spice this thread up a bit, can anyone think of a bigger win for an Ohio team? In my 15-20 years I can't think of anything really close to a tournament win of this magnitude.
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    SoCal Cup National Showcase

    Browsing through social media, it looks like Vanguard's top 18's team won this tournament. Does anyone have anymore details?